Sunday, October 31, 2010

Every Trick Deserves a Treat

Happy Halloween!

Inspired by last night's CBC Halloween Hockey Night in Canada intro in which Alex Ovechkin looked like the only one in costume, we've decided to review some costumes which we would like/love to see every Halloween.

Starting with a classic.

Charlie Conway.
You'll probably need to buy a jersey online, but who wouldn't want to own a Charlie Conway jersey? I can't think of anything better than triple deking through the bar to get drinks. Being any one of these Mighty Duck misfits would work, especially as a team. With the proper commitment, this idea could definitely be worth it (imagine doing a Flying V wherever you go!)

Hanson Brothers
Another jersey purchase that would have life-long benefits. Find some coke-bottle glasses and put on the foil. Halloween tip: when someone is trying to talk to you, randomly scream "I'm trying to listen to the fucking song" in their face.

Most Valuable Primate
 I never saw this movie, thank god. But I have a feeling everyone would know who you were just because this movie is so bad it is well known (see Stephen Baldwin in Slapshot 2).

Peter Puck
This would probably pretty easy to make out of styrofoam or cardboard and would definitely be worth the effort. Almost everyone who knows hockey should know Brian McFarlanes owned-creation. Halloween tip: go around and tell the most common and easiest rules of hockey in a high-pitched nasal voice.

Hope you have a safe and fun Halloween tonight, and lets hope that with tonight's off night in the NHL we get to see more players follow the Chicago Blackhawks lead of dressing up in awesome costumes.

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  1. Adam Banks can Lead My Flying "V" And Coach Bombay!"All the way!


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