Friday, October 29, 2010

Flashback Friday

Every Friday we will be adding one of our favorite hockey videos from over the years. Some might be painful, some might be dirty, but they all have a story behind them that we will share that make them downright awesome and great to watch over and over again.

Let’s start off with a classic.

1991 Stanley Cup Final - Pittsburgh Penguins Vs Minnesota North Stars
Kevin Stevens and Bryan Trottier chirp Brian Bellows

Some might call it an infamous video that depicts hockey players as vulgar assholes. We call it amazing and that Stanley Cup playoffs at its best. This is what happens when you fake an injury.

Kevin Stevens was asked about the incident when he retired:

"Yeah, I remember just because everyone talks about it. It’s one of those things with the cameras and the mic, you never know where they are. There must’ve been something on the bench. It was kind of funny they got it on tape. That was part of the game back then."

Back then? It is definitely still part of the game. If the NHL wants to sell the game in the south, let’s have a mic on all the benches so we can hear more golden lines like “lay on the ice like a broad Bellows”.

Hopefully the upcoming HBO series 24/7 Penguins/Capitals: Road to the NHL Winter Classic will feature some of this on ice chirping. Some of the best parts of hockey games now are when Pierre McGuire isn't actually not talking about Jonathan Toews junior career and his mic picks up players chirping each other.


  1. Another great chirp from Tie Domi I remember hearing, "You touch Housley you're f***ing dead" and "Who strapped some balls on you?"

  2. That was a great chrip
    I remember seeing that in Tie Domi's hockey video

  3. uhhh...those are the north stars, not the islanders

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