Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Goodbye My Friend

Recently, we lost a friend. A friend that brought warmth to our hearts every night, even on Sundays. A friend who was so kind, they didn't even mind if we frequently flipped on them. While this friend is replaceable, for a cost of $29.99/month, the NHL Centre Ice Free Preview has left us with fond memories.

Here are some of the reasons why we will miss our Free Preview

-         Flipping channels to only watch power plays
-         Watching every overtime and shootout
-         Watching the New Jersey Devils fall apart as an organization right in front of your eyes is great TV
-         Counting the number of fans in attendance at Columbus and Phoenix home games
-         Max Talbot and Bruce Boudreau commercials
-         Proline is a lot better when you can see all the games live
-         I can watch the last team I need to win on my Proline…lose
-         God bless all the teams with Ice Girls. Something about a mini skirt and a shovel turns me on
-         Listening to other teams play-by-play guys, makes you realize Joe Bowen is not that bad
-         Hockey or what your girlfriend wants to watch??? (Gossip Girl)  eeek!
-         Best background noise for talking on MSN, Facebook, setting Fantasy Hockey lineup, and  especially for searching girls on dating websites
-         Getting excited by the fact I know I can go to Tampa with 3 buddies and get 4 tickets, free parking, 4 hot dogs, 4 pops, a signed Stamkos picture, a free physic reading all for $60 bucks
-         Watching all your fantasy players in one night and getting excited when they get a shot on goal or a game misconduct.
-         Watching the goalie I’m facing in my head-to-head fantasy league this week get pulled after 3 goals on 5 shots. Carey Price-less  

Goodbye, friend. Maybe see you in a few months when real jobs come our way.


  1. "I can watch the last team I need to win on my Proline…lose". Good one, I heard you won lastnight TM and whos up for going to Tampa?

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