Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Has Howard Berger Lost It?

If you don’t know Howard Berger he works for the FAN 590 in Toronto and is a reporter on everything about the Toronto Maple Leafs. He is also a blogger for Hockeybuzz and had his blog taken down from that site today after his blog was posted. Sounds like a lot of Leaf fans made some interesting comments and it was taken down.

I use to follow Howard and thought that he had a lot of solid info about the team. But of late it sounds like he is really bitter and maybe not realizing how lucky he is to have his job. He gets to travel, see all the games from the press box and write about the Leafs (dream job). I know that he doesn’t like Ron Wilson and if you ever see any post game interviews you can tell Ron Wilson doesn’t like him at all.

Here is what he posted after the Leaf’s win last night.

Leafs Win — I’m Off
TORONTO (Oct. 27) — This was one of the great calamities in recent NHL history.
Yeah, yeah, I know… I’m don’t usually blog after a Leafs’ win, but I’m so damned pissed off at the way the Blue & White stole two points from the Florida Panthers, who played a classic road game and were easily deserving of a victory at the Air Canada Centre last night.
Rumors have Colton Orr attending the Argos’ mid-afternoon practice today — chiefly to show Jim Barker and his staff the football block he used to obliterate Scott Clemmensen on the winning goal with 8:58 left in regulation. It’ll be amazing if referees Stephen Walkom and Francis Charron can look in the mirror after this grand larceny… one of the most abhorrent, vile, revolting missed calls I can ever remember.
And, the fans at the ACC — you sheep; you goats; you clapping seals… instead of booing the officials for such ineptitude, you dance around as if your team deserved the goal and the win. It’s amazing you nitwits can live with yourselves.
Anyway, I’m out. This was just awful. Go ahead and gloat until Thursday night, when the Bruins maul Phil Kessel the way they did last season. Then you’ll see a real blog!
He sound’s a lot like what a Florida Panthers Blogger should be writing about, and the complete opposite of a Toronto Maple Leafs blogger.
After this blog was taken down, this was posted from Eklund (who I also think is a bit of a tool)

 “P.S. Today I have spoken with Howard Berger. Howard Berger put up a blog this morning that was intended as satirical in connection with his previous two blogs, and it was removed by me because the blog was misconstrued and several people in the comments were out of hand in their responses so I decided it was best to simply blow it up. It became a streetfight between Howard and the Leaf fans and I stepped in to break it up. I appreciate both sides of this argument. Howard has been here since day 1 and while I dont agree with him all the time I do respect him. Leaf fans are among the most passionate and best hockey educated who view the site and I respect their views as well. It was just obvious in this case that neither side could understand the other so I felt before the whole thing got to bloody to end it. I apologize if you were offended by either the blog or the comments. Thanks, ek”
What do you think of all of this?

Should the Fan590 fire him for his unprofessioanl comments to the city he is supposed to serve?



  1. It's difficult for Berger to transition from making comments and reporting on a losing team to a winning team. He needs some time to adjust before he feels comfortable and remembers the Leafs should be able to string together a few winning streaks in the next several years.

    In contrast, Hockeybuzz should fire Eklund. Is it just me or does it seem like he got off on the power trip of taking down Berger's blog?

  2. We agree that Eklund is a tool and that he is the worst part of Hockeybuzz. We only go to that site to read other peoples blogs.

    I used to read Bergers blog alot and he would talk to players and have some interesting stories. But things have changed in the last 6 months. He seems bitter and I am wondering if he is getting less access to the players. We all know how much he and Ron Wilson get along.

  3. Toronto has an NHL team? Who'd a think it. Good on Berger! Enough ass kissing, if you want the leafs to get better vote with your dollar and don't go if/when they suck, don't buy their merchandise either. MLSE are laughing all the way to the bank (see TFC) and hockey fans are left with what? Mediocrity. We need Hamilton to push Toronto for best team in the GHTA!

  4. GHTA? Where the hell is that?

    Toronto is an Original Six franchise, its been around too long and has to great of a following to drastically change and turn on the team. This is probably an easy task for Toronto FC fans, the team has only been around for like 4 years, and is part of MLS (the worst league in sports next to WNBA)... The TFC protest involved wearing green and being quiet at the game...they still went to the game, and they will still buy jerseys of players most people in the city don't recognize.

  5. leafs new a new coach, new beat-writer, need to honour Sundin's jersey, and if this was last year i would say uniforms but i'm glad they at least figured that part out.

  6. I realize that Sundin was a great Leaf, and i mean great, but he fucked over the leafs by not wanting to be traded,then jumping shift to a cup contender (Van)...why would the Leafs honour him?

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