Saturday, October 30, 2010

Players Behaving Badly

Crosby vs Ovechkin vs Malkin
Since breaking into the league, Sidney Crosby, Alex Ovechkin, and Evgeni Malkin have all had their stake in the “who's the better player?” debate. Each has captured an Art Ross Trophy and Hart Trophy, Crosby and Ovechkin have both won Maurice Richard Trophies for goals, but only Malkin has won a Conn Smythe, an award in which some reserve is the only award that counts… second to Lord Stanley’s Cup of course.

All three players have impeccable records on the ice, as well as off. However, each player has had their share to celebrate about. From individual awards to team awards, each of these all stars has definitely deserved the right to party. Let’s see how they do it.

Sidney Crosby
Sidney appears to party with a nice crowd. Even with blurred faces these girls are hot. No drink in hand for Crosby though, and judging by the table set up and white wine in hand, we’re going to assume this is Christmas dinner at the Lemieux household. Oh wait, Crosby’s sweater is a dead give away, this is definitely a Christmas dinner at the Lemieux household.

Overall Party Status – 5 (this photo gives you more street cred).

Alexander Ovechkin
There are so many great things about this picture. The fact that Ovie can’t keep his eyes open, Andrei Markov’s silly tilly hat, Ovechkin horribly ripped jeans that make him look like he fell of his segway, and of course Markov’s dirty uncle look. 

Overall Party Status – 7 (we like the international partying and obvious drunkenness, but have some respect for yourself and wear fully covered pants at a stripclub. And definitely find a better wingman than Andrei Markov).

Evgeni Malkin
Geno! YES! Just getting right in there. This is probably why he had an offseason. Came down with some mono, he did look lazier than usual last season. Full effort for the use of tongue, as well as the hand on neck move, classic. Much better than getting kissed by a teammate.

Overall Party Status – 8 (He keeps it classy, definitely enjoys himself, while not looking like too much of a bum that has no respect for himself)

So there we have it, in the great debate of Crosby vs Ovechkin vs Malkin, the latter appears to be the best partier. While Ovechkin probably throws back the vodka like no other, his lack of self-respect costs him a win. As for Crosby, do you even drink? Light beer at least?

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  1. Sids Girls definatley have the best racks

  2. I wonder if one of those girls is Mario's daughter

  3. "Anonymous said...
    I wonder if one of those girls is Mario's daughter"

    His daughter and wife actually....
    Rumour has it that there was an indecent proposal as part of Sydney's contract extension. Sadly he didn't read the fine print and only signed because he thought he was getting the night with Mario himself.

  4. That bill is hilarious, funny if its real. Full of Lap dances and $6000 for a private room!

  5. I wish I was a famous hockey star I would put all these guys 2 shame! I've had hotter girls at my Ted Reeves games! TMAC out

    P.S Parks and Rec. 4 life boys!

  6. 9,146.00 ZAR = 1,332.47 CAD
    South Africa Rand Canada Dollars
    1 ZAR = 0.145689 CAD 1 CAD = 6.86395 ZAR

  7. hahaha yeah i was wondering about that bill. 275 for a lap dance? That must be one hell of a lap dance.

  8. hopefully one of the lap dances that doesn't leave stains on you

  9. wonder if crosby filled those holes up with his seed. i know i would !

  10. That girl Malkin is kissing has the hottest

  11. Actually they aren't Mario's wife and daughter. Both of them are wives/girlfriends of past/present Penguins.

  12. Well, Crosby's "bad behavior" is not bad!

  13. This. Is. Fucking. Awesome.

  14. I bet ovi's look the best to him...

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