Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sim Hockey Leagues

This is a section in which the world of Sim Hockey Leagues will be discussed. Everything
from how to join a league, how they operate, to how to build a Championship team.
P.S. I am not a loser.

About two years ago I was reading a blog on The Hockey News by Rory Boylen and he was talking about the CEHL, a Sim Hockey League that he was in. I had never heard of Sim Leagues before and decided to check it out. It seemed pretty cool and I signed up to be on the waiting list. I had been pretty good at drafting fantasy teams for Yahoo pools and creating dynasties for NHL video games so in my head I was thinking it would be no time until I would be dominating this league.

A few weeks went by and I got an email from the commish of the league saying that a GM had been fired and that there was an opening spot for me. He added me to MSN and wanted to talk a little to see if I was a good fit for the league. It was pretty funny being interviewed for the league. It was harder to get into than my first City job that was given to me. I guess I passed the test as I was handed the reins of the New York Rangers.

I was never really a Rangers fan, but was shocked to see my roster. Where was Henrik Lundqvist? Marc Staal? Or even Jagr? I hadn’t realized that this was the 12th season of the league and a lot of deals and roster moves had happened. My best player was Mike Modano. And he was old and done 2 years ago. I had Brendan Shanahan, but he was signed to a $10M contract for 2 years. My next best player was Jan Hrdina. Yes, that’s right, Jan Hrdina.

So I can see why the old GM got fired. He was the weak GM that everyone else ripped off. I looked back at his old transactions and saw that he lost every deal he made. Most of my team was made up of former NHL players that were playing overseas in Europe. To make things worse, I didn’t even have my 1st rounder for the next draft. There goes me dominating the league.

I am now nearing the end of my 3rd season as the Rangers GM and the rebuild is still going on. I finally have a roster of NHL players and a pretty solid young core on my prospect list. Things are looking a lot brighter and the Rangers should also have a top 3 pick for the next draft.

I am now also in 2 other leagues and they are a little more advanced with more features and roster controls. I will talk more about them and how Sim Leagues work in future posts.



  1. I Remember seeing the Rangers when you took over
    they were brutal

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