Saturday, November 20, 2010

2008 NHL Draft Rewind

In life, there are always things that we wish we could redo and have another chance to rethink our decisions. Should I have dropped out of university to travel? Or did I ever over pay on that used car that clunked out after 8 months? Just like us, NHL general managers must look back sometimes at their draft picks and think: “What the hell were we thinking?”

In the 2008 NHL Draft, the Toronto Maple Leafs had the 5th overall pick. They selected Luke Schenn who has been a pretty solid stay at home D-man. He can make some big hits and doesn’t give the puck up that often in his own zone. I personally didn’t like the pick as most of friends know. I don’t think you take a stay at home defenceman in the 1st round and should always try and take the guy with the biggest offensive upside that early. I think the Leafs were just worried about screwing up and took a safe pick. Schenn is a Canadian boy and has the size and tools to be a decent NHL player. They didn’t want to take a risk on a flashy player like Nikita Filatov, and as of right now it looks like a good move.

But now looking at the Leafs roster they are pretty solid on the back end and have a lot of holes up front, especially at centre. If you could do that draft again for what the Leafs really need now. Who would you take?

Here are some of the players that stand out and make you wonder what they would look like in a Maple Leaf uniform, or if they would be playing more. I’m not saying I would take these young studs over Luke Schenn, but it’s interesting to think if some of these players could be having a bigger impact in the NHL if playing for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

2008 NHL Draft Forward Studs

7th Overall        Center              Colin Wilson                 Nashville Predators

Has the size and skill to be a great power forward.

HockeysFuture Rating: 8.0B
9th Overall        Center              Josh Bailey                   New York Islanders

Starting to put up offensive numbers in the NHL.

HockeysFuture Rating: 7.0C 
10th Overall      Centre              Cody Hodgson             Vancouver Canucks

Solid AHL numbers and if he was a Leaf he would be already playing and that sack of shit Grabovski would be gone

Hockeysfuture Rating: 8.5C
22nd Overall      Centre              Jordan Eberle               Edmonton Oilers

Google "Jordan Eberle Canada"....Stud

Hockeysfuture Rating: 8.0C

26th Overall      Center              Tyler Ennis                   Buffalo Sabres
Solid NHL numbers already

Hockeysfuture Rating: 7.5C
44th Overall      Center              Luke Adam                  Buffalo Sabres
Lighting up the AHL big time.

Hockeysfuture Rating: 7.5C 
51st Overall      Centre              Derek Stepan               New York Rangers  
Haven’t seen much from him since his hat trick in his first NHL game. But still a solid offensive prospect.

Hockeysfuture Rating: 8.0B
Some late round sleepers:

121st Overall      Centre              Gustav Nyquist               Detroit Red Wings

127th Overall      Left Wing              Matt Calvert               Columbus Blue Jackets

Any of these guys you'd rather have than Schenn?

Defencemen and Goalies will be reviewed tomorrow.


  1. I like Schenn
    But if the leafs were smart and had 2 first rounders. Like the Flyers did when they got Richards and Carter in the same draft. That is how you change your franchise around. If you are a NON playoff team you sould always be keeping your 1st pick and looking to add others. Just think if we had 2 middle round 1st's that draft and got Tyler Myers and Jordan Eberle.

  2. Cody Hodgson will be a 80pt guy in 3 years

  3. should always go after offence, always

  4. Luke Adam is going to be amazing
    I watched him play in Jr


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