Tuesday, November 2, 2010

DirtyDangle.com Launch!

So kids, you may have noticed we are now the masters of our domain.

After feeling like we were in the ECHL of hockey blogs, we got the call up and are now www.dirtydangle.com. We were able to purchase this domain after a sale on hockey sticks at Canadian Tire left us with some spare change (go wood sticks!). This is a fairly big deal for us, as now we are invested in bringing our readers some form of entertainment on a daily basis. We are in the big leagues now, and plan on staying with the pro team for as long as we can. It might take a while for us to be a franchise player, but we have the dedication and drive to be a top dog in this league.

We were amazed we were able to grab the site name, and now look forward to indirectly getting perverts looking for dirty dangle sex positions online. While we won't provide you with new sex positions, we will provide top-shelf hockey advice (trust us, we win our hockey pools), as well some of our favourite pictures and videos we've seen throughout our hockey years. From the words of a wise friend, "I love the angle you guys take down at Dirty Dangle". We hope to continue to make you happy, so follow us, leave comments and make any suggestions you may have.

Now for one of the best hockey songs ever written, minus the truck accident part...

1 comment:

  1. Congrats boys
    looking forward to some funny stuff


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