Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ekpunk Joins Dirty Dangle

This will be a running satirical segment in which’s infamous Ekpunk will share with Dirty Dangle some of his hockey rumours and topics from around the NHL

I'm sorry I haven’t been able to write in the last couple hours. I forgot that I had to pick up my kids from school. It’s amazing how you just get lost in the rumours sometimes.

First off, I’ve retooled my Rumours Rating System to make it more consistent with the actual findings.

The Ekpunk Rating System

(E1) I overheard the rumour at a bar
(E2) Jake Mednick or someone that looks like him told me
(E3) Trusted source that can’t always be trusted with information
(E4) This means almost a for sure deal if everything comes together at the right time and both teams can agree to the deal in a matter that the NHL governors agree is fair
(E5) I promise this will happen today or tomorrow, next week at the latest

Now to the rumours.

          I got a text last night that was very interesting. This is a trusted source within the Pittsburgh Penguins organization and he hasn’t let me down before. But I am hearing Malkin to the Kings is a possibility again. You heard it here first.

          Also with some teams off to slow starts look for NJ to be making some changes. I spoke to an unnamed source last night that there is a deal in place that would send Martin Brodeur to the Montreal Canadiens for Carey Price and a pick. Not sure if this will happen. But it could…Anything is possible right?

          And yes I know that this site gets a massive amount of Toronto Maple Leaf fans that I have to make sure to post something about them at least every other day to make sure that I get my hits. The Leafs have shown interest in bringing back Jason Blake. He was a healthy scratch earlier in the week and Toronto really misses his leadership in the dressing room. I heard it could be Tyler Bozak heading to the Ducks. Leafs plan on bumping Tim Brent up to the first line if this deal goes down.


  1. Eklund is a punk. I can remember when sportsnet had him on at the trade deadline a few years ago and he was wrong on every deal

  2. The E2 should be ranked higher than an E5... or even a TSN story.

    (E2) Henrik Zetterberg has a great beard.

    See. true every time.

  3. who's Jake Mednick?


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