Friday, November 26, 2010

Flashback Friday

Every Friday we will be adding one of our favorite hockey videos from over the years. Some might be painful, some might be just plain dirty, but they all have a story behind them that make them downright awesome and great to watch over and over again.
With all the buzz around Steven Stamkos lighting it up this year, and his potential for 50 goals in 50 games, we’ve been thinking a lot about Wayne Gretzky. Not only because he said Stamkos could score 50 in 50, but also because Gretzky did it 39 games. Wayne is one of those players whose stats are so fun to go back and look at. He scored 215 points in 1985-86, was a +98 in 1984-1985, and had 10 consecutive 100+ point seasons - the guy was unbelievable. Perhaps one of his most popular stats and records is when he scored 50 goals in 39 games.

Growing up, one of our favourite movies was Wayne Gretzky: Above and Beyond. It was a classic movie that we watched far too many times, but it never got old. One of the best parts in the movie is him discussing his 50 goals in 39 games. He mentions calling his father, Walter, who couldn’t watch the game because it wasn’t being televised in Ontario that night. Wayne told him the news of breaking the record, and received a jerky quip back from Walter: “Geez, what took you so long?” One of the amazing things about this record, is that in 37 games, he only had 41 goals. In his 38th game against the Los Angeles Kings, he scored 4 in a 10-3 rout. Three nights later on December 30th 1981, at the Northlands Coliseum, Gretzky would do the unthinkable that night: score 5 goals to reach 50 in 39 games.
#46 came off a missed shot the backboards, Gretzky buried it

#47 came off a slapshot from the slot

#48 came off a slapshot from the top of the left circle

#49 came off a slapshot from the top of the right circle

#50 came off a shot from the blueline on an empty net
Here is a clip of the goals and record breaker:

My favourite part of the clip is when the commentator says:

"He’s got 50 goals before anybody else got 30"


  1. I love that Above and Beyond movie...

    I had no idea he scored 4 goals the game before..thats insane, how come they don't mention that more... 9 goals in 2 games to get 50!

  2. Love Wayne
    He changed the way the game was played

  3. I love how the Great one changed his game from being a great goal scorer and as he got older he became more of a playmaker


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