Monday, November 8, 2010

Hoss Hall of Fame Induction: Pat Burns

The Hoss Hall of Fame is an elite group of honoured Hosses who have powered their way through hockey and made an impact on the game with their attitude, style and charisma.
We won't get into the Hockey Hall of Fame's selection committee overlooking Pat Burns and snubbing a candidate who has the credentials to be in the HHOF (not to mention the "humanitarian circumstances"), as others have done that already, numerous times, and many support these argumentsHere, we will honour Pat Burns as a true Hoss behind the bench, and induct him into our Hoss Hall of Fame.

In 14 seasons of coaching in the NHL, Burns coached 1,019 regular season games and had an amazing 501-353-151-14 record. He is the only coach in NHL history to win three Jack Adams Award as the leagues best coach - and with three different teams - Montreal in 1989, Toronto in 1993, and Boston in 1998. Burns was such a Hoss, before he even started coaching he was a badass police officer. Then when he started coaching, his Hossness overpowered the league as he captured the Jack Adams in his rookie year of coaching. Burns was animated behind the bench, and always a character, as his reputation as one of the best coaches in hockey grew. Burns won the Stanley Cup with the New Jersey Devils in 2003, adding more hardware to his trophy case.
Forced to retire in 2004 due to a battle with colon cancer, Burns would beat the disease only to have it return in his liver the next year. Burns would beat that cancer as well, however the cancer would return in 2009, diagnosed as incurable. Burns is a survivor, and always will be. Burns will no doubt be inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame one day, but he is already a Hall of Famer, in the Hall of Hosses.

Pat Burns is a legend. A classy coach who always supported his players.

Gotta love the guy in the pink shirt at 2:50 flipping Melrose the bird.


  1. Great inductee!!!!, I would like to nominate Wendel Clark as the next member of the Hoss Hall of Fame

  2. Wendel was our first bud..

  3. Burns is a class act, solid post guys

    loved the guy in the pink shirt lol

  4. Huge fan of Pat Burns and hope he is doing better

  5. Pat Burns was a great Leaf coach. can't remember a better one since!

  6. What about Dougie??? Ok he may not have had the scraps Wendel did but he was more of a Theo Fleury type (the little grinder). He pretty much ended his career for the Leafs by playing through the playoffs on cortesone shots

  7. i dont know if anyones already suggested it but probie should definitely be inducted into the Hoss Hall of fame


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