Friday, November 19, 2010

R.I.P Pat Burns: 1952-2010

Today, the sad news was announced that a legend had passed. The world lost a great man in Pat Burns.

Never backing down from a fight, Burns battled cancer three times in the past six years.

Burns is the only coach to win the Adams Trophy as the NHL's top bench boss with three different teams -- Montreal in 1989, Toronto in 1993 and Boston in 1998. Burns also added the Stanley Cup to his impressive resume in 2003.

Recently overlooked by the Hockey Hall of Fame Selection Committee, Burns was a shoe-in for the Dirty Dangle Hoss Hall of Fame.

We'll miss you Pat.


  1. Rest in Peace Pat

  2. He should have been inducted before he passed away.

  3. RIP - Its a shame he didn't in the Hockey Hall of Fame he had all the stats to get in. I'm glad The Hoss Hall of Fame is honouring all his effots! TMAC

  4. the guys at dirty dangle sure got respect for the game and the legends that are born from it! classy brothers to say the least

  5. He was certainly the coach I remember the most from T.O. Such sad news


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