Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Things You Notice at a Live NHL Game

If you live in a strong hockey market, chances are that finding affordable tickets to see your favourite NHL team play are hard to come by. Most of the time, hardcore fans have to watch their hockey on TV. It could be a 52 inch or your old school tube TV at your cottage, anything will do as long as you get to see your team play. Unfortunately, television audiences miss out on a great deal of the action offered at NHL arenas. The view from the couch just doesn't compare to the atmosphere of seeing a game live. 

Here are some things you may notice while watching a live NHL game:
  • Players are always looking up at the video screen. I always just thought Mats Sundin had bad gas.
  • Yes, those people who stand up and wave on their cellphones at the camera on TV are just as annoying in person.
  • You can really see a difference in some players speed and how they can accelerate past guys, but you need more than speed to be a great player (see Andrew Cogliano).
  • The five chicken fingers that you paid $15 for at the game taste just like the ones from the box of 30 you can buy for $8 bucks and eat at home.
  • Goalies are weird and do a lot of odd stuff during stoppages in play. You don't know if they are in a trance or having an orgasm, for some, that could be the same thing.
  • Enforcers are so tough and strong on the ice that guys just bounce off them. But for some reason they have the weakest ankles in the league and can't skate.
  • You can see how plays develop, and just how little time hockey players have to make a play... But seriously, what was Mike Komisarek thinking?
  • The drunk guy in your section that keeps shouting out comments reminds you of watching hockey with your Dad.
  • How much blocking shots hurt. When you can hear the sound it makes when it hits an area with no protection, it's just a thud sound. Ouch.
  • Goals under video review take so long, they are like watching the intro to Dexter, but you don't get to watch breakfast being made.
  • Do we really need goal judges behind the net? They are needed as much as those city workers who sleep on the job... Are they hiring?
  • People who get up during play to buy a beer should be shot.
  • The same guy who trips down the stairs and spills his beer everywhere is Carey Priceless.
  • Forwards will go deep into the offensive zone on powerplays and be offside while waiting for their team to move the puck up on a powerplay. It's fun to watch them try and be sneaky and hide behind the defencemen
  • The intermission entertainment has two extremes: cute and painful.
  • $14 may get you drunk at home, but doesn't even give you a buzz at the arena.
  • You're a lot better at shooting from centre than the guy trying to win a few hundred bucks from Proline.
  • In warm up the starting goalie never gets a shot higher than 3 feet on him. The back up for the night will have shots ringing by his ears.
  • The arena hostess is hot, but what I really want to know is what player is hitting that?
  • A lot of NHL teams at the end of warm up will all come around the crease and keep banging at the puck trying to score on the goalie. It makes you wonder how goalies don't get hurt from diving all over the place...
  • Girls who wear Sundin, Gilmour and Phaneuf jerseys tend to be the hottest, the girls that wear Belfour and Domi jerseys, not so much.
  • Rival fans + beer = scraps in the crowd.


  1. great post guys! cracked me up, especially the comment about dad's (so true), the annoying guy who gets a beer during play and the Dexter comment (long intro, awesome show)

  2. This Blog Is Awesome!!!!!!......LOL

  3. "The arena hostess is hot, but what I really want to know is what player is hitting that?"


  4. One leaf game a season is enough for me. Much rather just watch the games on TV and flip around on NHL Center Ice

  5. hahahah, wow! this is some classic material!
    "You're a lot better at shooting from centre than the guy trying to win a few hundred bucks from Proline" lol! Great job DirtyDangle!

  6. Sitting next to a fat guy that keeps leaning on you during the game.

  7. I donno, i like watching the games from home so i can catch the scores and action of other games too. I always end up watching the jumbo tron anyways since im in the nose bleeds. I agree one leaf game a year is enough for me, just the hassle of going down there and back is enough to turn me off since I have to drive and therefore can't get drink.

  8. Being at the games is awesome but just to damn$$$ for even upper bowl your looking at $100 a ticket. Last time i went i got dinner , 3 piece of chicken w fries, a wrap and fries for my sister with a small beer and a refillable pop for $47. I also got nachos in the 2nd intermission and was pissed when they hand me a packet of cheese thats in a plastic pouch. there are two cheese holder things on the nachos tray but i have a packet that will fill up half of one,lol. I asked for another and was charged $2.75! Being at the game is amazing but can be carey pricey, so eat before you go and just share a refill pop with your friend, one a period and switch up the flavour each period. i havent tried it but i have also seen empty mini mickeys of vodka and rum in the stalls that people are mixing in there refill drinks. its a big risk but alot of people are doing it.

  9. Girl's who wear a Tucker jersey seem to also be cute but alittle feisty

  10. I saw my first leafs game when I was 7 years old. This is where I was introduced to swearing, fighting and public drunkenness. God I love hockey

  11. We use to always chase after the Arena hostess. But Killer would always bag them

  12. This is some good stuff. Forwarding it to all my buddies.
    Keep up the great work.

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