Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Will Simon Gagne Ever Score 30 Goals Again?

"Yeah, but you know what Mike? You can make their heads bleed in this one."
Nagging injuries keep adding up, and at the age of 30, Simon Gagne is once again on the injury reserve with a neck injury. His injury list goes on like a Bruce Springsteen set list. From groin problems galore, shoulder and abdominal injuries, to major stuff like concussions and a double sports hernia, Gagne seems to be falling apart like a broken down carnival ride.

Gagne was drafted in 1998, 22nd overall by the Flyers and made the team the following year with his strong two-way game and quickness on the ice. He started off playing centre for the Flyers and posted a solid 20 goals and 28 assists in his rookie year. For his 2nd year they moved him over to left wing were he had more success scoring 27 goals in 69 games and made it to his first all star game, scoring 2 goals in that game.
This is when I first started to notice Gagne as a top player in the league. He was scoring a little more, but was still very good in his own end. His best year in the NHL was in 2005-06 season after the lock out with 47 goals and 79 pts in 72 games.

I used to always love drafting Gagne in my Yahoo! hockey pools. He was a solid LW that could score you some GWG and get you some shorthanded points. He would also get you lots of shots on goal, and was always a plus player. I used to have to take him pretty early on to grab him, but this year in one of my pools I got him very late. I find it funny that Simon Gagne has now become a late gamble pick and he is only 30 years old. It's hard not to feel bad for a guy like this with all his injuries he's battled.

His stats before his latest injury:

I guess other GMs in my pool knew something I didn’t.

So the question to our lovely readers.

Will Simon Gagne ever score 30 again? Or will he just be that gamble winger that can score you 20ish, but with the risk he could miss sometime on the IR?


  1. i swear swingers was on repeat all weekend, great reference haha

  2. Swingers is a great movie

    And yes Gagne will score 30 again

  3. Even if he does come back, Stamkos is the go-to-guy in Tampa on the powerplay, so there goes this season... Who knows for the next few seasons, but I think injuries have packed him in

  4. I don't think he's gonna hit 30 again. He'll manage 20, maybe even 25 at least once or twice more, but he's far too broken down. It's too bad to. Gagne/Forsberg/Knuble were so awesome, now Knuble is the only one who can still play hockey consistently.

  5. Gagne is a UFA after this season
    Some will give him a shot and major minutes. I can see him going to one of those teams that nobody cares about, like Nashville or Atlanta (wait Gagne is white so not Atlanta). And score 30 forsure

  6. Swingers is the greatest movie ever. Well done Meads. I have no input on the actual question though due to lack of knowledge

  7. Gagne's a bandaid yes,
    but when he's healthy he's a force, recall Boston Philly series, gange returns and the comeback begins (carter may have helped too). I can't say for sure, as an athlete can only take so much wear and tear but i sure hope he gets to 30 goals again, id hate to see his career drop off like this.

  8. Love the Gagne Picture

    35 will happen again for Gagne. He still has it

  9. I don't see Gagne scoring 30 ever again
    But will be in the 25 goal range

    Go Kings


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