Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Celebrity Fans of the Game

I noticed something at the last few Toronto Maple Leaf games I have been to: the crowd seemed to be a little bit more teenie bobberish. There seems to be a lot of young girls wearing pink Tyler Bozak and Luke Schenn jersery's, and they mostly just text during the game. They are also the ones that scream like crazy when the Air Canada Centre do those stupid car races on the screen and you cheer for your section. Hate that shit.

I am wondering if this recent spike of young girls at Leafs game is because they are hoping to run into Justin Bieber. Yes, this might be a stretch, sort of like JS Giguere and his bad groins. But I hear Bieber is a big Toronto Maple Leaf fan.
I don't like that he got to touch the Stanley Cup. Whenever I look at him, I just get so mad.

In other news I have decided to relocate to Vancouver. I just want to live by the ocean and enjoy a slower way of life. I have always loved the mountains and plan on snowboarding a lot at Whistler. I might even check out a few Canucks games, I hear they have nice scenery.

Who's your favourite celebrity "fan of the game?"


  1. Is it just me or is the Cup almost as big as Bieber himself? haha

  2. I wonder what size cup Pam is

  3. Save the goal score the Heroes have always been blonde, short & cute...

  4. Hahaha hilarious, That's probably true about Bieber! Love the blog! By the way, Vancouver is awesome, you'll have to go the next leafs, canucks game whenever they make it back here, its a great time!!!! Be prepared to fork out some dough though..,


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