Thursday, December 16, 2010

HBO 24/7 Premiere Review

HBO's 24/7 Penguins/Capitals: Road to the NHL Winter Classic airs Wednesdays at 10pm on HBO. Dirty Dangle will review each of the four episodes in the mini series.

Kudos to the NHL for doing this. Going behind the scenes and following NHL teams like this should have been done years ago, but at least they're on it now. Ever since I first saw Brian Bellows get chirped by Bryan Trottier and Kevin Stevens I've wanted to see more microphones on players. Occasionally you get the odd player caught on mic by a colour commentator between the benches, but that's only a tease. HBO 24/7 goes beyond this, and into the dressing room and players personal lives with all-access. Enjoy it in all its glory, we know we will.

If you haven't seen the episode yet, you should probably stop reading.

After watching the first episode, I grabbed a bar of soap and washed my mouth out (Irish Spring tastes like shit by the way). I was warned though, the disclaimer at the beginning said it would contain Adult Language, although it should have said Hockey Language. It only took 1 minute into the introduction for Bruce F***ing Boudreau to drop an F bomb. The episode's plot couldn't have been more perfect: one team flying high while another one struggles to find goals.

Here are some highlights and things we noticed from Part One of HBO's 24/7 Penguins/Capitals: Road to the NHL Winter Classic:
  • You get to see how NHL players get ready for games. The Penguins starting line up is announced with players cheering for every number read. Loved Sid's hat tip when 87 is read.
  • Ever wondered what injured players do during games? They workout and watch the game on TV.
  • The only close up of a moustache should be Tom Selleck's, not Sidney Crosby.
  • Bruce F***ing Boudreau swears more than that kid you grew up with who dropped out of school in Grade 9 to lay brick.
  • Looking into Brooks Laich blue eyes is like looking at the ocean.
  • Mic'd up fights with closeups are better than anything I've ever seen.
  • The aftermath of a fight. Deryk Engelland getting stitched up immediately after a fight with Colton Orr and coach Dan Bylsma congratulating him at intermission.
  • The Moustache Boy competition is hilarious.
  • Dan Ellis would not like Marc Andre Fleury's flashiness during practice shootouts.
  • Ovechkin shaving in his underwear is as horrible as it sounds.
  • Is a player having a Gillette endorsement contract a good omen for going all the way in the playoffs?
  • Nicklas Backstrom took that kid telling him "2 in a row you lost" worse than Bruce F***ing Boudreau's intermission speeches.
  • Maybe its the HBO cameras being around, but the Capitals are really taking this losing streak hard.
  • Max Talbot is hilarious. His Christmas sweater. His jokes. But most of all him asking Santa he wanted his two little helpers for Christmas.
  • Pascal Dupuis is a sweet family man, and then as soon he enters the dressing room he tells Geno Malkin to "F*ck off".
  • Dupuis also telling his son he had to go to "beautiful Buffalo". Sarcasm at its finest.
  • When Mike Green was injured on the trainers table, did he really need to have his shirt off showing off his tattoos?
  • Pittsburgh Penguins plane rides seem awesome. Eating candy and playing video games the whole time.
  • It's interesting to see how the NHL teams customize the away dressing rooms when they are in town. They almost look like AHL home dressing rooms.
  • John Michael Liles has sensitive skin, no?
  • The Penguins vets prank rookies Letestu and Lovejoy, with promises of no retaliation from the rooks. Gotta love NHL hierarchy.
  • Dubinsky and Ovechkin respecting each other after the fight. Each player saying "good job buddy" after just doesn't show up on daily highlights.
  • The Penguins seem like a pretty close group: snowball fights and pranks.


  1. Wish I had HBO. This show sounds pretty awesome.

  2. Davey, Bit Torrent it

  3. This show was great, hope they continue with it around the NHL because it could not only attract more fans but strengthen the fanbase hockey already has

  4. I know this is off topic, but is anyone else still thinking about the nhl cheerleaders post?
    Great Job Edmonton!

  5. Great show. I'll be following it closely. Watched it twice today and couldn't get enough.

    I hope they focus more on the Caps next episode, felt like the first one was all about the Pens (which I don't mind, cause I want me some Talbot (in that awesome xmas sweater), and Crosby, hahaha.)

    "Mic'd up fights with closeups are better than anything I've ever seen." - Agreed. Almost peed myself.

  6. ...and by focus more on the caps, I mean on the players themselves, rather then them crying about losing so much...

  7. marks got a better one-timer than dan bylsma

  8. Recently, I just got a new connection from charter spectrum but forget to subscribe for HBO but will surely subscribe this channel too.


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