Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Maple Leafs Black Ops

While Call of Duty: Black Ops is dominating the world right now, and decreasing teenage pregnancy every day; members of the Toronto Maple Leafs have also been participating in the popular game. Recently an article was published detailing how the Leafs have put in a lot of time playing Black Ops online: 

"Today, we'll put in four hours," said MacArthur, who has formed an online platoon with Tyler Bozak, Mike Komisarek, Mike Brown and John Mitchell. "Then we'll eat and log on later for another four hours."

Recently, I logged on and managed to get into a game in which the Maple Leafs were playing. Their gamer tags were dead give-a-ways as well as their gameplay. I thought it was odd that they were online 30 minutes before the last Leaf game and then again at intermission.

Here’s some of the things I noticed when playing against the Toronto Maple Leafs platoon on Call of Duty: Black Ops:
  • Clarke MacArthur (GeneralMacArthur) starts off well with a few kills right away, but then you don't see him for the rest of the game.
  • Tyler Bozak (Bosack42) doesn't get many points in any of the games, and never helps defend in game modes such as Domination or Headquarters.
  • Mike Komisarek (KomAndGetIt) is somehow a level 7 Prestige player but is terrible during gameplay... highly overrated.
  • Mike Brown (Pornstache69) is a very good teammate to have on your team. He always steps in front of bullets for his team, however this favour is rarely returned.
  • John Mitchell (Marlie39) was invisible the entire time and I didn't even realize he was playing in the game until I saw the scores at the end and his was -7.
  • Dion Phaneuf (AverySucks) took a lot of shots, but never came close to hitting me.
  • Phil Kessel (Nutter81) just runs around a lot shooting from everywhere and then gets tired and dies.
  • Ron Wilson (EatItBerger) constantly yells through his headset receiving no response, it can only be assumed the Leaf players muted him.
Some glitches we also noticed during gameplay:
  • Brian Burke (BurkiesDogs) can be found sitting in a room when playing against Ron Wilson, however refusing to fire his gun at him. He continuously mumbles about getting payback on some guy named Chiarelli.
  • When playing against the Leafs in Wager matches, BurkiesDogs keeps offering to bet future draft picks
  • Sometimes during a game if you kill 5 Leafs in a row you can get a Killstreak that is just Daniel Alfredsson taunting the Leafs.
  • Every time I saw Colton Orr (4ORR) on the screen, everything would slow right down online as if I was using dial up.
  • It is possible to run right through the entire map into the Leafs base without anyone trying to stop you.
  • After my victory against the Leafs platoon, a booing noise can be heard in the background and army fatigues are tossed on the ground.

Clearly the Leafs being the youngest team in the NHL is showing through their love of video games.


  1. God I hate John Mitchell

  2. Loved the Pornstache gamertag, i might have to make that my own

  3. Dion's shooting accuracy never gets old

  4. They play video games for 8 hours a day..lol
    That is messed up. No wonder they are near the bottom of the league in pts

  5. Call of Duty is a sick game. I can see why the leafs play it all the time. I have been looking for them online..lol

  6. haha this was gold boys

  7. I guess Kessel and Wilson have each other muted as well

  8. no wonder they never win there to busy playing videogames

  9. Colton Orr must be getting really good at this game.

  10. I hope they shoot when playing Black Ops. Maybe they try to throw the grenade back and forth to each other.

  11. I'm pretty sure I play them all the time if these are what they're like!


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