Thursday, December 2, 2010

MLSE on the Block

It’s been on all the sports channels and newspapers in Toronto that talks are ongoing between telecom giant Rogers Communications to buy out the Ontario Teachers Pension Plan’s 66 per cent controlling interest of Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment. If successful, Rogers would add the Leafs, Raptors, Marlies, Toronto FC, the Air Canada Centre and rights to BMO Field to its sports line up that already includes the Blue Jays and Rogers Centre (Skydome). It’s rumoured to be a $1.3 billion dollar deal. That is a lot of money for a bunch of losing teams.

We have asked around, and this is what hockey fans in Toronto are talking about:

  • Will my Rogers Bills go up now with the annual ticket increases we see every year?
  • So even if I don't go to the games, I will still be monetarily raped to watch them play. Great.
  • Many people are asking who the Raptors are and what league they play in?
  • I would rather anyone own the team, other than my grade 10 teacher. I hate that prick.
  • That poor guy with the terrible phone service now has a terrible sports team problem as well.
  • I can't wait to see unknown Blue Jays players shown on the big screen at Leafs games.
  • It will be cool to see Toronto Maple Leafs players getting belligerent at all the Blue Jays games in April since their season will be over.
  • If the Leafs are for sale, I want Blackberry Balsillie to put in a bid.
  • Who really ownnnns the Leafs now?
  • Some how I can see a ticket plan that will make you buy a non-premium Blue Jays ticket before you can purchase one for the Leafs.
  • 5 team ticket package? Pucking great!
  • Is there any chance they would rehire the old ICEEEEE COLDDDDDD BEEEEER guy to work Leafs games?
  • Leafs games will be shown on the amazing Sportsnet One channel. I know a total of 3 people that have this channel, and all it ever shows is dart tournaments, 5 pin bowling and that exciting new sport to watch that's on every channel, poker.
  • One bonus of Rogers buying the team would be a new give away contest where if the Maple Leafs score more than 3 goals at a home game, you can take your ticket stub to a Rogers Video and get a free movie or game rental.
  • Rogers will make sure that there are now 5 winter classics a year at BMO Field.
  • Please tell me Rogers Cable 10 won't be the new broadcaster of Leafs games.
  • Rogers is on its way to owning Canada
  • Maybe Rogers having that Jason Spezza look-a-like in all their commercials will make him want to come to the Maple Leafs.

Also on a sad note, Hall of Fame writer Jim Kelley passed away on Tuesday. The last few years I haven’t really been a huge fan on his stuff on Sportsnet. But he was never afraid to write about how he felt and in doing this he ruffled a few feathers and I respected that. He was born to be a writer and submitted his last post the morning of his death.


  1. the guy with terrible phone service now has a terrible sports team...nice haha

  2. Iceee Colddd Beeeeerrrr

  3. haha i always thought that guy looked like Spez's little brother

  4. Jim Balsillie should definitely put in an offer. I think thats what the leafs need; "someone" to own the team, not a company that used to compete with blockbuster.

  5. I agree, "someone" needs to own the leafs, not an entity...

  6. I'd like to know how this will affect my pension! Don't do it OTPP! Let's get us teachers some free tickets to Leafs games too!

    I think Rogers has taken over enough as it is. It's the SKYDOME and will for ever be so.

  7. Your pension will be much better.... making 500 million profit... booo

  8. i hope they buy the leafs, then they will do what they did with the blue jays and make the games only available on rogers sportsnet one.. no more leafs games on CBC!!!

  9. How did you not at least reference me here guys? Perfect time for a shout out!


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