Friday, January 28, 2011

2011 All Star Fantasy Draft Drinking Game!

The stage is set for the first ever NHL All Star Game Fantasy Draft
The rules are simple:

Pick the available players in the order you think they'll go in the draft from 1-36, then sit back with your friends or alone at the bar and play the Dirty Dangle 2011 All Star Fantasy Draft Drinking Game! Remember, goalies have to be picked by the end of the 10th Round, and defencemen have to be picked by the conclusion of Round 15!

Here is the player pool to draft from.

A drink = 1 ounce of beer, or mixed drink

How many ever positions you are off in your mock draft compared to the actual draft, is the number of drinks you have to take. (Example: I take Stamkos 1st, but he goes 3rd = 2 drinks, or I take Phil Kessel 10th and he goes 36th = 26 drinks).

BONUS SHOT of liquor to hand out if you guess Mr. Irrelevant (last guy picked)!

(Please drink responsibly, do "sips" if you have to - this could get sloppy)

Here is how Dirty Dangle would draft:
  1. Steven Stamkos
  2. Henrik Sedin
  3. Daniel Sedin
  4. Alexander Ovechkin
  5. Cam Ward
  6. Tim Thomas
  7. Kris Letang
  8. Brad Richards
  9. Rick Nash
  10. Dan Boyle
  11. Jonas Hiller
  12. Carey Price
  13. Jonathan Toews
  14. Duncan Keith
  15. Shea Weber
  16. Henrik Lundqvist
  17. Dustin Byfuglien
  18. Corey Perry
  19. Marc Andre Fleury
  20. Anze Kopitar
  21. Zdeno Chara
  22. Matt Duchene
  23. Claude Giroux
  24. Marc Staal
  25. Loui Eriksson
  26. Keith Yandle
  27. Brent Burns
  28. Daniel Briere
  29. Martin Havlat
  30. Erik Karlsson
  31. Patrick Sharp
  32. Patrik Elias
  33. Paul Stastny
  34. Jeff Skinner
  35. Phil Kessel
  36. David Backes


  1. this might be a lot of drinking...

  2. Kessel will be the last picked..

  3. great idea.. looking forward to seeing how this goes tonight

  4. So where do you wanna play
    ? Marks? then go to Lisas going away at BBC?

  5. I think Skinner will go earlier then 34th. 26th is my guess.

  6. Im taking elias last... i dont care if he costs me a beer...he sucks

  7. I highly doubt five goalies will go before, say, Chara & Yandle.

  8. this is going to be fun

  9. Wow that drinking game was awesome!

  10. So how messy did it get last night?

  11. Brad Richards went pretty late. That must have got you into some


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