Friday, January 14, 2011

Flashback Friday

Every Friday we will be adding one of our favorite hockey videos from over the years. Some might be painful, some might be just plain dirty, but they all have a story behind them that make them downright awesome and great to watch over and over again.
12 guys had double digit penalty minutes this game. Wow.

These are the player stats from March 5, 2004 in a game between the Philadelphia Flyers and Ottawa Senators. In case you missed it, there were a great deal of penalties that game. So many penalties, that it set a NHL record for most penalty minutes in a game with 419 PIMs total. A week before this game, Martin Havlat of the Senators was suspended 2 games for a high stick on a then 36 year old Mark Recchi, and his first game back from suspension was against the Flyers. Recchi said this about Havlat:
"It might not come from our team. But he better protect himself."
This is what happened in the final two minutes of the game.

In total, 20 players were ejected from the game, leaving 5 players combined on the team benches. It took the officials 90 minutes to sort out the penalties after the game, no wonder it set a record for penalty minutes. Some great tilts in this one, Fisher-Handzus, Brashear-Ray, Recchi-Smolinski, Chara-Timander, Esche-Lalime, and Sharp-Spezza. Even then-Flyers GM, Bobby Clarke, wanted to get in on the action, as he had to be restrained from going after then-Senators coach Jacques Martin.

Whoever says fans don't like fighting should tell that to the 21,500,000 viewers of this YouTube clip.

Like big brawls? You'll probably like this.

The Punchup in Piestany

Ron Hextall vs. Felix Potvin


  1. I remember this. Great Clip

  2. Great game, great clip.

    But... man, I hate the way modern NHL referees call penalties in games that get out of hand. I mean, really, Patrick Sharp has a tickle fight with Jason Spezza and they wind up with 62 PIMs between them? Settle down there, stripes.

    This game holds the record for PIMs, but doesn't hold a candle to some of the old Habs/Nords brawls from the 80s. But back then, refs didn't tack on misconducts to everyone who blinked at somebody.

  3. That was great, seen that one a few times now. Down Goes Brown is right, definately been some more ridiculous ones but, that was just fantastic to watch. My favorite of the last decade is Buffalo/Ottawa (Emery vs. Lalime/Peters). All time, the Detroit/Colorado featuring McCarty pounding a turtiling Lemieux and Roy vs. Vernon. All of which started with a wrestling match between Forsberg and Larionov haha.

  4. this was the best video ive seen on this site!!!

  5. holy shit, how have i not seen this before


    This is great fight video between anaheim and calgary.

  7. Brad--it was Emery vs. Biron/Peters.

    Lalime's fighting days ending in Philadelphia there.

  8. Haha loved that Emery fight Nick, the best was him against Peters with a huge smile on his face

  9. Spezza got dropped.

  10. Riiiight right. Dunno why I thought it was Lalime. Either way, Buffalos goalie got dropped.


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