Thursday, January 20, 2011

How a Yahoo! Hockey Pool Made Me Hate My Brother

Fantasy Hockey Pools Can Get Out of Hand
OK, hate might be a strong word. But I dislike him a lot these days. My family and friends Yahoo! hockey pool has been going on now since 2002. We usually get around 10 to 12 guys in it every year and for the most part it's been the same core group. I have been a dynasty, winning it 5 out of the 7 seasons we have being doing it.

This year my Hillcrest Summits team started off flying. My late picks were helping me big time with Tim Thomas and Michel Neuvirth winning every night. My forwards were lighting it up and I took a huge lead on everyone.

Then I started to get a little cocky. Might have made a few posts on the message boards that the pool is over and nobody will be catching me.

Well of course the hockey gods had their say. I lost my early 2nd round pick Zach Parise for the year. Then my 1st round pick Mike Green was lost to injury. He is back playing again, but is having an off year just like many of the other Washington Capitals. Marian Hossa, I lost for a few weeks, Neuvirth is not the number one goalie anymore and toss in Patrick Marleau and his minus 19 and my team is hitting the skids.

So after leading the pool for the whole season, as of today I am now 1.5 points back of my brother Jonas' team: Team Nassy Jassy. He is a huge Markus Naslund fan and sorta looks Swedish - hence the name. I also have my other brother Tobias lurking in the weeds and slowly gaining ground every week.

I might even be losing sleep, lying there trying to work out ways to rip guys off in deals. Oh wait that won’t work out since nobody in my league will deal with me. My good friend Josh held a meeting one night at the local bar and told the rest of the league not to deal with me ever again. This is because one night I printed out our team rosters and brought them to the bar and got him to agree to a deal with me after his 9th pint of Guinness when he was seeing double. It looks like that plan is back firing on me now.

It's one thing not to be in first anymore, but losing to Jonas really sucks. He is the kind of guy that will text you when his player get a hat trick, just to let you know he is gaining ground. I could be having beers with friends and having a good night, and then get a text about your starting goalie shitting the bed. "Mikka Kiprusoff let in 5 goals and got hooked after the 1st period yeeeeeeeh". He is the Sean Avery of Yahoo! hockey pools and just loves to get under your skin.

I didn't win last year. I finished 3rd, with Tobias passing my other brother Lucas on the final day of the season (he really does hide in the weeds). Lucas had some of the best goaltending numbers ever for a hockey pool, but Tobias gained ground thanks to a Saku Koivu shorthanded assist with less than 4 minutes left on the last day of the regular season. I have to say, I really want this one. I need to show my family and friends that I am still a dominant force in the fantasy world (did I just say that?). But ya, I really want this one.

Will let you know how it works out this year.


  1. although some of the meads are good at hockey pools others are huge nubs its a 50/50 split between complete domination and utter failure

  2. Hahaha, Jonas is the Sean Avery, classic.

  3. Great post. I have been doing my Yahoo pool for 5 years and still have the same group of guys. I want in your league next year.

  4. Yahoo Pools are always a good time. Even better when you make it a money pool.

  5. For Pens fans those girls are really hot:)

  6. There is no 'D' in Mead : /

  7. Yes, I agree anonymous more chicks is right! This sounds like a veteran(Mark Mead) of hockey pools is lashing out to the public about his current struggles and of course myself, now neck and neck with him. This is classic behaviour of a guys fantasy pool skills diminishing. It should be mentioned that I have been in fifth place most the year. Up until a month ago, I was more than fifteen points behind. So Mark, we can go on the front lawn anytime bud.
    Also....who is this shy anonymous lad that said "There is no "D" in Mead"?

  8. what you don't see in that picture is the 10 guys standing behind the camera clutching 20 dollar bills

  9. is this a porn site?

  10. I do love that pic, very very hot

  11. If I knew you were so hardcore about losing I would have trash talked you a lot more about losing in a hockey pool to someone who chose their players based on their names ;) Thanks Brayden haha oh and as for the picture I was scared to open this site at work! haha


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