Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Is Martin Brodeur Doneski?

Things must be bad when you see Martin Brodeur being dropped by thousands of fantasy general managers in Yahoo! hockey leagues. I recently made the same move this past week.

Martin Brodeur is having his worst professional season since he was playing in the AHL for the Utica Devils back in the 1992-1993. For a lot of our readers they were in diapers still or just learning to shoot a puck when Marty first broke into the league. Some are wondering at the age of 38, is Martin Brodeur done?

First off, I should say I think Brodeur is a great goalie. But, it has to be said that the teams that played in front of him for most of his career played the trap or some form of defensive strategy. I can remember watching a lot of the Devils games and noticing how little key scoring chances the opposition had against the Devils. They would shut them down before they even crossed the blue line. So, I do think the team he played for has a lot to do with his Hall of Fame stats, especially his all time shutout record. But, you could also say that about a lot of players, but if he was drafted by the Maple Leafs would he have such great numbers?

This year thanks to cap problems, injuries, and Ilya Kovalchuk; the Devils are a lot weaker on the backend and there is just zero chemistry on this team. Brodeur has Vesa Toskala numbers so far this season (as of Jan 17, 2011).

When you look at his stats, he looks done. When you watch his games and see him swimming around in the net, he looks done.

But I have a feeling there is still hope for this future Hall of Fame goalie.

He was the back-up goalie last week and took it in stride. This is a guy who is very competitive and he doesn't just want to have the best goalie stats ever. He wants to be far ahead of everyone else. I can see him playing for at least another 3 years.

This year is a wash. The Devils suck and they won't be getting their star forward Zach Parise back until near the end of the season if he even does come back. It's an off year for the team and Brodeur, but I can see him pulling a Tim Thomas who was washed up and done last year and regaining his confidence and being one of the top goalies next year.

He is already looking like a nice late round pick in next year's fantasy pool.

What do you think? Is Martin Brodeur doneski?


  1. Brodeur has played well of late. 3 wins and a OT loss in the last 4 games. I think he still has.

  2. He will be 39 at the end of the season and would have earned almost 70 million. I think he should hang up his skates but maybe he lost alot of money with his ex wife and her brothers sister.

  3. Brodeur definitely has a few more seasons left in him. If it wasn't for Atlanta raping New Jersey in trades and the parise' injury things would be a lot different. He could serve well as trade bait for a team looking to go deep in the playoffs(San Jose)

  4. I think he'll finish this one...then play 1 more. Then i can see Lou giving him a job either coaching on the bench, or goalie coaching.

  5. I'm with Jonas in the sense that he's got one or two years more left in him. I was thinking they could use him as trade bait as well, but the team would have to have a significant bit of cap room to bring in his contract.

  6. He is doneksi. He's old and fat and just looks brutal this year. I wouldn't be shocked if he retired after this season.

  7. marty is done... i never thought he was an amazing goalie... just a great goalie with a solid defensive-minded team in front of him

  8. maybe brodeur wouldnt have the same number had he been on the leafs, but would the leafs still be the leafs (shitty) if he was their goalie all those years. doubt it

  9. Another shutout last night for Marty. He can still play the game.


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