Wednesday, January 19, 2011


It seems Leaf Nation is turning sour on Brett Lebda. He is on pace to be the next Bryan McCabe or Larry Murphy and get booed out of town.

Every game he plays for the Maple Leafs he seems to be trending on Twitter. This is a 6th dman (or crappy winger when the Leafs need him to be) and he is usually one of the top 10 trending people in Canada when the Leafs are playing.

A popular and very amusing hash tag is
#LikeALebda. At one point the #LikeALebda topic was the 7th trending topic in the World. Yes, THE WORLD.

Here are some of our favourites:

When you look these Leaf stats, there is reason for the Lebda haters.

In 22 games this year, Lebda has one point and is a -19..ouch

But really, how can one guy that doesn't get much ice time have this much affect on a team?

I guess he just sucks #LikeALebda


  1. Lebda told Kerry Fraser not to call the penalty #LikeADebda

  2. Chuck Norris not #LikeALebda

  3. Lebda told Burke to trade the draft picks #LikeALebda

  4. Hey...he's one of the few cup champs the Leafs have! (As the 7th d-man on Detroit). Nah I'm kidding, he's had an abysmal season.

  5. Brett Lebda listens to the Spice Girls before a game #LikeALebda

  6. Brett Lebda likes Ron Wilson as a coach #LikeALebda

  7. Hey guys. Congrats on your 100th post.
    Love the site

  8. I just had 20 bucks fall out of my pocket on the way to school. #LikeALebda


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