Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ron Wilson's 600th Win Pays Off

After watching the Leafs defeat the San Jose Sharks for Ron Wilson's 600th career win on Tuesday night, there was some rather interesting footage as the game ended. Here's what went down: Clarke MacArthur scores an empty netter, Ron Wilson props Rob Zettler, Tim Hunter ignores Ron Wilson's props, Ron Wilson gets the game puck for his 600th win (unlike when he got his 500th win and Christian Ehrhoff gave it to a fan), a couple pats on Wilson's rump by Leaf players, Francois Beauchemin hands Wilson a wad of cash, and Brian Burke meets the team in the hallway to the dressing room to congratulate them. Wait. Francois Beauchemin hands Wilson a wad of cash?!? Watch the video for yourself (the drug deal happens at 2:12).

We asked around after the game if anyone knew about, or why the exchange happened. Our guess was it was for his 600th win, and Jonas Siegel from Eat. Sleep. Leafs confirmed it was the age-old hockey tradition of putting a bounty on the game to motivate teammates.

@Leafaholic99 posted this picture shortly after the game, but here's a higher quality picture off Puck Daddy so you can see the money better.
We still aren't convinced it was Wilson's bounty money. Here are some theories as to why Francois Beauchemin gave Wilson a wad of cash:
  • Beauchemin bet him he'd lose the game for him (silly we know, but he did do this during the game).
  • Beauchemin was giving money for Wilson to buy sodas for the team
  • The worst player after every game has to pay the coach. Beauchemin is now almost bankrupt. Brett Lebda would be in the red, but he's only played half the games.
  • Money for James Reimer's stripper in the dressing room
  • Wilson had bounty money on Marleau's head, Beauchemin failed.
  • Ron Wilson constantly hustles players playing poker on plane rides
  • Beauchemin has to pay Ron Wilson every time he makes him yell "What the F*** Francois!!!"
  • Beauchemin has to pay $100 for every giveaway.
  • Beauchemin pays for his playing time
  • The Leafs are involved in money laundering and Beauchemin was collecting off Joe Thornton and Dany Heatley
  • $600 for 600 wins.
  • For some strange reason, Beauchemin and Wilson are roommates and Beauchemin racked up a huge TV bill ordering Quebecois porn (Hotel sources say "Quebec Perversity 4").
  • The Leafs are pooling money to get Tim Hunter a nose job

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  1. Did ya see Colby Armstrong smack him on the ass after WIlson got the puck?

  2. Leafs got fined for this! hahah

  3. Apparently ron wilson posted money in the change room before the game. Players do it a lot for guys playin there old teams but obviously a coach doin it goes against the cba

  4. Here's a link to an article on the Leafs getting fined

  5. "The Leafs are pooling money to get Tim Hunter a nose job"


  6. wow, not surprised Beauchemin is tops for giveaways, but Schenn there too!


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