Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sunday Recovery

After an eventful Saturday of hockey, and probably heavy drinking, its time to relax and recover on the action across the country. Catch up on some teams and highlights you may have missed while trying to get that blonde's phone number last night.
NHL Gimmick Gets Rained On
 Was anyone else disappointed with last night's NHL Fall Winter Classic? The ice looked terrible, the NHLers looked uncomfortable, and the play was not very exciting. Sure the NHL won big time in the ratings, but the fans lost. Aside from a few camera shots that make the event look amazing, the calibre of play decreased so much, that hockey fans missed out on seeing the two best players in the NHL play to their full potential. How often do you see Sidney Crosby or Alex Ovechkin miss passes because of pucks skipping over their sticks or have trouble stickhandling? Make the outdoor game less frequent, and have it in February. That's our opinion, here's some headlines from across Canada.

Toronto Maple Leafs
The Leafs clobber the Sens and James Reimer gets his first career win.

Ottawa Senators
Sens lose and don’t play again till Friday

Montreal Canadiens
The Canadiens are trying to rack up some more wins

Calgary Flames
Flames heating up with 4th straight win

Edmonton Oilers
Eberle hurts ankle, but not broken

Vancouver Canucks
Mason Raymond is ready to play. Will the coach let him?


  1. The ice lastnite for the winter classic was probly just as good as Nathan Phillips Square.

  2. Actually, I beg to differ. I was there, and a ton of fans enjoyed the game. Just because Crosby and Ovechkin didn't score, Ovechkin's presence was all over the ice, and Crosby got his 15 seconds of fame in the game for getting hit by Dave Steckel. The game should have been more about the two teams rather than those players. Those Caps/Pens hate each other more than anything and it showed out there.
    A lot of people I spoke to thought the grind-it-out game was cool and appreciated that the Caps clearly fought for the puck. The players I spoke with (Ovechkin, Fehr, Green, Carlson, Malkin, Crosby) had tons of fun, and they enjoyed the experience. Even the coaches were impressed with the game.
    And we got a good old-fashioned fight where everyone stood back and let em go. I don't know how much of the game you watched, but doesn't sound like you watched a lot.

  3. I suppose things appear different on TV. I would fully expect the players to enjoy the experience (or at least say it). I try and watch every Pens/Caps game on tv or online that I can, and I'm always left happy after those games. Even if Crosby or Ovie don't score, they make things happen, or supplementary scoring such as Semin or Backstrom make me think "wow, hockey is awesome"... Just didn't feel that with the game play on Saturday night, but as I said, viewers on TV don't get that same Winter Classic experience.

  4. great fight, great lead up show, average game thats meaningless. games for these two teams dont matter till playoffs, everyone knows they will get into the tournament but until washington wins a cup it doesnt matter how many winter classics they win or how many times they bea the pens in the regular season

  5. The winter classic is all about pimping the game and trying to get American viewers to turn off nascar and college sports for a night and watch some puck.

    From what I saw on Tv the puck was bouncing around everywhere. I am just glad nobody got hurt out there. We got 2 of these outdoor games this year. It' kinda getting old. If it was every 2 years or something it might be more special.

  6. Outdoor games suck just like the shootout.


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