Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Recovery

After an eventful Saturday of hockey, and probably heavy drinking, its time to relax and recover on the action across the country. Catch up on some teams and highlights you may have missed while trying to get that blonde's phone number last night.
Jon Quick Does His Best 1930's Goalie Impersonation
Fun night in the NHL last night with lots of goals and great performances from goaltenders. Braden Holtby stole the show in Toronto (despite an OV hat trick), Calgary defeated the Canucks in a shootout that went to video review, and Columbus came back with 5 unanswered goals to beat the Blues. Some bad news around the league as Marc Savard was hit into the glass and appeared to leave the game with a head injury. Here are your headlines across Canada on this "colder than Jonas Gustavsson on the bench" Sunday.

Toronto Maple Leafs
Leafs defend Komisarek after assault accusation

Montreal Canadiens
Habs fall to Koivu and Ducks in shootout

Ottawa Senators
No plans to change things in Kanata

Calgary Flames
Big shootout win for the hot Flames

Edmonton Oilers
Oilers have their skills competition. Guess who won fastest skater?

Vancouver Canucks
Canucks lose in shootout controversy. Was it in?

Comment of the Week

Kostovski said...
"Is it wrong that im a Sens fan now"
No, it's not. She's beautiful.

Highlight of the Night

Montreal honours Saku Koivu for his years of service.


  1. Really, Saku for highlight of the night?

  2. Gomez could have let him win the draw at

  3. I think this is a good highlight of the night... better than some lame shootout goal


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