Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Whale Is Alive and Well... in Quebec?

A slap in the pads to Dirty Dangle reader Laura for passing this video on to us.

We present, Bob relation to BizNasty2point0 (we think).

He seems to be a big fan of the Hartford Whalers. I wish I could fully understand what he was singing about, but my French is on par with Colton Orr’s skating ability. The guy seems to really like hockey, and even played a bit of junior (former captain of the Hull Olympiques in the QMJHL) and semi-pro. Looks like he could really drop the gloves too.

Can't help but love the Tim Hortons drive-thru scene and the cameos by Patrice Bergeron and Antoine Vermette.

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  1. Pretty cool stuff, did you see the other videos he has?
    There is a song about Chris Chelios

  2. I love that this guy was a huge Goon in the QMJHL. 381 PIMS one year

  3. what hell is the title of the song?

  4. Pretty good voice. I like the rage he sings with.


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