Sunday, February 27, 2011

2011 Dirty Dangle Trade Deadline Drinking Game!

Whether you're calling in sick for work today or feel like putting a little something in your coffee at the desk, join us for the Dirty Dangle 2011 Trade Deadline Drinking Game. Due to the success of the 2011 All Star Fantasy Draft Drinking Game, we've added Trade Deadline Day as another event in which to throw some brewskis back. From our university days, we know that beer and pancakes go together quite well, but we'll provide you with some other drink options to get you through the day.

Irish Coffee: A morning staple - not only does it wake you up, it gets you feeling nice and buzzed. You can do Baileys and coffee as well - still delicious, same effect.

Screwdriver: Get your Vitamin C. Orange juice and vodka, or if you're feeling classy, champagne it up and make a Mimosa.

Wine and Coke: Pour some red wine in a Coke can - It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia-style. Wine in a can is a good disguise - until your lips and teeth get stained. Do 1/2 Coke and 1/2 Red Wine for a tasty drink known as Catemba in South Africa.

If you do partake in this game, drink responsibly, don't be an idiot. Also, if you drive a bus or work with kids, it might be best to make a tally throughout the day and catch up after work with friends at a bar.

1 Drink
  • For every trade that is made.
  • Every time an analyst mentions a player has just left the ice or is not at practice.
  • For every conditional pick traded.
  • Every time "rebuilding" is said on TV.
  • Every time a recently traded player is interviewed.
2 Drinks
  • Every time a recently traded player says he was surprised in an interview.
  • Every time TSN mentions the most trades on deadline day.
  • Every time Brian Burke is shown in his war room.
  • Every time TSN shows Jay Onrait at home in a robe.
3 Drinks
  • If a player being interviewed says he learned of the trade while watching a Trade Deadline show.
  • If Nick Kypreos breaks a trade before TSN, double if he disses them.
  • If your Dad calls you to talk about a trade that was just made.
  • If you see Bob McKenzie put his Blackberry down.
4 Drinks
  • If Derek Morris is traded.
  • If Cory Stillman is traded. Premature drink for that one - already a Cane.
  • If a 1st round pick is traded.
  • If a team out of the playoffs trades a top draft pick
Chug A Beer
Bonus Shots
  • Take a concussion shot (take a shot and have a friend hit you with a phone book) if Brad Richards is traded.
  • Take a Rick DiPietro shot (cough medicine and take the week off of work) if any injured player is traded.
  • If an AHL player is traded, make sure to play cards and drink on the bus ride home from work.


  1. already booked my sick day :)

    1. The game has made a lot of noise, when I joined this game I was fascinated by it, besides the game Bubble Tea Mod Apk is also my top choice, when it also brought a similar way of playing.

  2. Damn I wish I wasn't working all day. This would be fun to play.

  3. I'll be joining this at 12! got the afternoon off!

  4. Glad I won't be chugging any beer

  5. "Take a concussion shot (take a shot and have a friend hit you with a phone book) if Brad Richards is traded."

    Amazing..College kids will be doing this shot at the clubs soon:)

  6. Hung over before dinner is never a good

  7. don't tell my boss, but I'm bringing Baileys to work

  8. I don't think there will be any concussion shots :(, dont think Richards is going anywhere

  9. definitely saw them showing past trade deadline days and talked about last years record. DRINK!

  10. Jay Onrait is hilarious, love his posters of TSN analysts

  11. too early for drinks, I'll join at noon

  12. first trade, drink up boys

  13. It's been a slow trade deadline day. Sober as shit

  14. get the drinks ready for the final 30!

  15. How drunk did you guys get?


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