Monday, February 14, 2011

Brian Burke Drops Kris Versteeg Off in Philadelphia

Brian Burke: “NEXT STOP! Philadelphia, Pennsylvania…..Wells Fargo Center!”

Kris Versteeg jumps up, grabs his hockey bag and runs to the front of the bus.

Brian Burke: “Well son, sorry it didn’t work out in Toronto."

Kris Versteeg (with his mouthguard hanging out the side of his mouth): “Oh shucks, don’t worry Mr. Burke. I am sooo glad to be a Flyer. Thank you, Thank you!"
Kris Versteeg is the next Maple Leaf to be dropped off of Brian Burke’s Bus. The 24-year-old forward was shipped to the Philadelphia Flyers in exchange for the Flyers' first-round and third round draft picks in the upcoming NHL Entry Draft. The trade is the second Leaf trade in a week, with Francois Beauchemin being traded for Joffrey Lupul and Jake Gardiner last Wednesday.

In 53 games this season with the Maple Leafs Versteeg scored 14 goals and had 35 points. It seemed like Versteeg just never found his place with the Leafs as his ice time has been dropping off the last few weeks.

This is Kris Versteeg’s 4th NHL organization – and he’s only 24. Versteeg made headlines earlier this month when his
car was vandalized. Following the incident, Versteeg said he had no hard feelings towards the city of Toronto and enjoyed playing here.

The Flyers sit 2nd overall in the NHL right now - so that 1st rounder is going to end up being a late round pick.

What do you think of the deal?


  1. haha, i hated his mouthguard!

  2. Its going to be such a late pick, looks like we lost that deal.

  3. Versteeg looked pretty happy in that interview with Leafs TV... prick

  4. yah saw that... "been tough for a lot of guys here"

  5. I hope Burkie lets Kaberle off the bus soon, before he walks and we get nothing

  6. @Kostovski

    I am pretty sure Kaberle will be traded. He wants out and doesn't want to resign here. There will be a few teams interested in him.

  7. Cant wait to see the bus again soon! Hopefully there are some good players getting on it.

  8. To get a first round pick from philly for versteeg just helps to recover the first round pick in this years draft that was lost in the kessel trade. Since boston and philly are close in the standings it doesnt make much of a difference. I wouldnt mind seeing this first round pick being dealt in a trade for brayden schenn.

  9. The Flyers first is going to be around 25th to 30th..The leafs picks will be anywhere from 1st to 9th maybe. It seems to be a weak draft year so anyone after the top 5 is a crapshoot. It doesn't make up for the lost draft pick but forsure helps the Leafs moving forward.

    The good news is the Leafs can suck next year and they at least have their 1st rounder.

  10. Looks like Burke might be dropping Kaberle off soon in Boston


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