Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Carrie Underwood Is Not Yoko Ono

Meet Nashville's biggest hockey fan
When Mike Fisher was traded to Nashville on February 10, the first thing most people thought about was Carrie Underwood. Or, if you were a Leaf fan, you were thrilled your team wouldn't have to play against him as much. I feel for Sens fans on this trade though, as Fisher was arguably one of most popular Senators in the past decade. As a Leaf fan, I respected the hell out of him for the way that he played. The Sens are in obvious re-build mode, and are acquiring young prospects and picks, while shipping off veterans. But still, many fans are blaming Carrie Underwood for the trade to Nashville.

This whole trade has created some pretty funny drama and headlines. From Carrie Underwood's Husband Traded to Nashville appearing in Tennessee headlines, to Ottawa radio stations "banning" her songs from their airwaves due the community betrayal she caused. Fisher cleared that one up by saying that station doesn't play her music anyways, and that he wanted the trade, he even prayed for it. Hockey will no doubt be treated to more exposure on celebrity gossip sites that think he played for the Vancouver Canucks, but also Carrie Underwood making the Predators look good.

Underwood isn't the first celebrity to be considered hockey's Yoko Ono. Remember Janet Jones getting blamed for the Wayne Gretzky trade? Outraged fans called her "Jezebel Janet" for luring Gretzky to Hollywood. Janet stood her ground though, and battled Oilers owner Peter Pocklington in the press after he said the trade was Gretzky's idea.

From the Edmonton Sun:

"The story of the trade as presented by Peter Pocklington is false. Pocklington is the reason Wayne's gone. To see Wayne hurt like this hurts me. That's why I'm making the call to you. But everything is getting out of hand. I know the real story. I know the whole story. I know Wayne didn't deserve any of this. He wouldn't let Edmonton fans, Canada and, most important, his teammates down without good reason."
With the $15 million cash Pocklington received in the deal, it's hard to believe Janet Jones was the real motivation behind the biggest trade in NHL history. Obviously it was a benefit for the Gretzky's relationship, just as the trade to Nashville is one for the Fisher's. Don't look now, but Hilary Duff wants her husband, Mike Comrie to get traded to San Jose (jokingly, but probably seriously).

P.S. Can Carrie Underwood do a hockey photoshoot like Janet Jones?


  1. more pictures of Janet!

  2. I wouldn't mind a crack at Underwood. Hottttt

  3. I really like that shes wearing CCM Tacks!

  4. thats the kind of garter i like to see!

  5. Hockey players always have the hottest wives. Wish I made the show:)

  6. It sucks that Ottawa would trade away such a popular player... all blame should fall on the management, that 1st round pick isn't even a good pick

  7. I want to see more Paulina Gretzky pics...hottttt

  8. Greg, sounds like you know who the player being picked by Ottawa is already; that's unfortunate he won't be good. Nevertheless, if you could let me know his name so I can keep an eye on his crappy play that would be wonderful.

    If I misunderstood you there and in fact, you were simply indicating that the pick would be low then please let me know how the West will shape up as well. Might I add that you may want to consider taking your fortune-telling skills to Vegas and cash in on the unpredictability of the Western Conference. Seeing as there is a four point difference between 5th and 12th in the West, I would be a little wary as to firming stating Nashville will finish close to the top.


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