Thursday, February 3, 2011


This will be a running satirical segment in which’s infamous Ekpunk will share with Dirty Dangle some of his hockey rumours and topics from around the NHL

Hello my amazing customers, I mean readers. With the All Star game over, it is now time for trade talks to heat up between NHL GMs. Make sure to come to my site a few times a day to check for updates. Also, for my season ticket holders you get to see my special rumour chart with completely different rumours there.

Before we get to the rumours, I've updated my Rating System:

The Ekpunk Rating System

(E1) I overheard the rumour at a bar
(E2) Nick Kypreos or someone that looks like him told me
(E3) Trusted source that can’t always be trusted with information
(E4) If a fax machine doesn’t get jammed this should happen in the near future
(E5) I promise this will happen today or tomorrow, next week at the latest

Now to the rumours,

Maple Leafs

The chatter I am hearing about Brayden Schenn becoming a Leaf just won't go away. Kris Versteeg's name is rumoured to be heading to LA. The Leafs are also looking to get a late pick for Mike Zigomanis who is playing for the Marlies after he got busted sending racy messages to a young girl on Twitter.

Look for Burke to be very busy before the Trade Deadline


Look for new Calgary Flames GM Jay Feaster to be very active before the deadline. My sources tell me that Matt Stajan is getting a lot of interest and he might be able to land a 1st from the Islanders for him. The Islanders have also been trying to get Jay Bouwmeester for the last 6 months.


The Sharks need some D help and have been shopping around Devin Setoguchi. I know that both the Leafs and Canucks are interested. Something might happen this week, or next at the latest.


The Devils have been hot of late, but they will still be in selling mode leading up to the trade deadline.  After locking up Ilya Kovalchuk to that massive contract I don't see how they will be able to resign Zach Parise.

I am hearing

Parise to the Habs
Parise to the Flyers
Parise to the Kings
Parise to the Flames
Parise to the Blackhawks
Parise to the Oilers
Parise to the Rangers
And of course, Parise to the Toronto Maple Leafs

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  1. I almost wet myself watching that video

  2. amazing

    And thanks for the rumours

  3. This is awesome...haha

  4. I could actually see the Devin Setoguchi trade happening. Leafs might have to toss in a prospect. But could happen

  5. hahahhaha thats awsome the vid is soo funny

  6. I liked the Link to WikiLeaks. Pretty cool stuff boys

  7. I wonder how much money Eklund makes a year from that site.

  8. Ty Conklyn to the
    Great clip


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