Friday, February 18, 2011

Flashback Friday

Every Friday we will be adding one of our favourite hockey videos from over the years. Some might be painful, some might be just plain dirty, but they all have a story behind them that make them downright awesome and great to watch over and over again.
Fans thought they would never see these three on the ice together again
With the 2011 Heritage Classic taking place this weekend between the Montreal Canadiens and host Calgary Flames, we remember the 2003 Heritage Classic. The Edmonton Oilers hosted the Canadiens in the first NHL regular season game played outdoors. Montreal won the game 4-3 on the chilly November night, where temperatures dropped to -18°C, but felt like -30°C with the wind chill. There were many great memories from the weekend, such as Jose Theodore rocking a toque, or the way the players and officials battled through the cold, but one of the most anticipated events was Wayne Gretzky lacing the skates up again for the MegaStars alumni game.
Gretzky said he would never play in an "old timers game", but felt obligated to play for the city of Edmonton. More importantly, he wanted his kids to see him play in an Oilers uniform. It was also pretty cool that the New York Rangers let Mark Messier come play in the game. The game was taglined as "A November to Remember", but we're still not sure why Paulina Gretzky sang "I Will Remember You" at the game.

Looking forward to some outdoor hockey this Sunday, with the Red Hot Flames facing a streaky Canadiens club. The weather in Calgary won't be as cold as the first Heritage game, but there should be no worries about the ice conditions like this years Winter Classic as the temperatures will be below freezing around game time. This year, Lanny McDonald will be the star of the Alumni game, but it will be nice to see some of the other players in the Flames/Canadiens Alumni Game on Saturday as well. We're really looking forward to seeing Jyrki Lumme back on the ice.

What are you most excited for this Heritage Classic?


  1. I remember watched Wayne play again, it meant so much to my family in Edmonton.

  2. Anyone know if Wayne got any points in that game?

  3. i think he grabbed an assist? couldnt find a boxscore for that game. I remember Fuhr stood on his head though

  4. I forgot all about the outdoor game this weekend. Will be watching forsure now.


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