Thursday, February 17, 2011

NHL Band-Aids

Operation: Rick DiPietro Edition, a new game for Islanders fans
With Rick DiPietro on the shelf yet again with facial fractures after getting KO'd by Brent Johnson in a fight, many bloggers took to looking back at the injuries he has sustained over his career. Houses of the Hockey counted 176 games missed in DiPietro's career due to injury (as of February 4th). His knees have given him the most problems, but the one we remember best is the hip injury from the 2008 NHL All Star Game Skills Competition when he was mic'd up. He withdrew from the competition after announcing he "just f---ed his hip up" and played for the Isles until they were eliminated from playoff contention. What do you think is DiPietro's legacy thus far - his frequent injuries or his massive 15 year contract?

There are other players who have dealt with the injury bug just like DiPietro. The Hockey News recently posted their Top 10 All Time Oft-Injured Players - which looks quite accurate to us. There are some great players on that list who had their careers cut short, including two of our Hosses - Wendel Clark and Cam Neely. Many players on this list were from the 1990s, so we'll give you some more recent NHL Band-Aids that just can't seem to shake injuries.

(Click the players name to view a full list of injuries and transactions)

Marian Gaborik
Gaborik is one of the most talented players in the NHL, but ever since holding out for a contract during the 2003-04 season he has only played two 70+ games seasons. Groin injuries have kept this speedster off the ice and so far this season he has missed 12 games with a separated shoulder, 1 game with a sore groin and 1 game with the flu.

Paul Kariya
Kariya is currently an unrestricted free agent and is sitting out the season because of post-concussion syndrome. His career has been slowed down from hip surgery, wrist injuries, a broken foot and concussions. At the age of 36, Kariya might not play another game in the NHL.

Tim Connolly
I am the one stupid guy who still drafts Tim Connolly in fantasy pools. Connolly's career has been full of injuries, including sitting out the entire 2003-04 season with post-concussion syndrome. During the 2006 playoffs he suffered another concussion and ended up missing 80 games of the 2006-07 season. Connolly has also missed time with back injuries, 24 games from a broken rib, and groin problems. Our favourite injury of his has to be when he injured his eye after trying to dance like Shaq.

Eric Daze
Daze had all the potential to be great goal scorer in the league but back problems slowed his 6"6 frame down. After three herniated disc surgeries in a five-year span, the pain was still a problem for Daze who attempted comebacks in 2006 and 2007 while in "semi-retirement". Daze officially hung up his skates with the Blackhawks during a pregame show in March 2010.

Carlo Colaiacovo
I feel for Colaiacovo, he had so much potential when he first came up with the Leafs and everytime he started to play well he got injured. He has missed time with concussions, knee, eye, ankle, upper body and groin injuries.

Martin Havlat
This season Havlat is on pace to play all 82 games. I hope this post doesn't jinx that. Havlat has missed a lot of time from shoulder injuries, groin problems and an ankle injury - we're actually shocked he didn't shatter into little pieces after getting Kronwalled. His injuries have driven fantasy GMs mad, and he has become a risky pick every year.

Sami Salo
At the age of 36, Salo has only ever played 70+ games in a season twice in his career. From broken ribs, MCL sprains and an achilles tendon tear- Salo has become infamous for being injury prone. Salo is a solid D-man and could help the Canucks in their quest for Lord Stanley's mug in June if healthy.

Any other Band Aids you think deserve to be on this list?


  1. I use to always draft Eric Daze. He was one of my fave players

  2. Love the Rick DiPietro image. Pretty good stuff

  3. rick dip sucks, charles wang is an idiot

  4. Sami Salo is stuck together with glue, he always falls apart.
    Great shot though.

  5. I hope that Paul Kariya comes back. I was hoping he would play the wing this year for the Pens.

  6. Fragile Freddy Modin

  7. Ya Modin, And I guess you could add Marc Savard to that list now.

  8. god Daze was so good

  9. Carlo Colaiacovo had the worst luck ever...

  10. Pascal Leclaire, Mark Savard and Steve Sullivan.

  11. Steve Sullivan is a biggie... his back is constantly in spasms

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