Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Phil Kessel Missing Posters

Dirty Dangle would first like to say to all the haters out there - we are Toronto Maple Leaf fans. We would love for Phil Kessel to score 40 goals every year and help lead the team to the playoffs.

Ok, now with that out of the way.

The Phil Kessel missing posters turned up at the ACC during the Leafs overtime loss to the New Jersey Devils this week and was a featured post on Yahoo’s Puck Daddy. We have no idea how they ended up there, sometimes things just appear.

The first ever "Phil Kessel Missing Poster" was made last season when I was at university - when Kessel was in a scoring slump that saw him score 1 goal in 15 games. Since that time, it's been updated and posted whenever Kessel is having trouble finding the net for extended periods of time.

We have had some people pretty ticked off at us and posting comments and even sending us emails saying we are way too hard on Kessel. I even got a text message from my best friend out in Newfoundland telling me that we should give Kessel a break. It's not like we tossed waffles at him.

I could go on all day about how I don’t like the way Phil Kessel plays. He reminds me of that kid who would cherry pick all the time and score a lot of goals, but then have everyone yell “goal suck” at him whenever he touched the puck.

He doesn’t win any board battles and rarely back checks. He is just a one dimensional player that is being paid a lot of money to score goals, and not just score a goal in a 5-2 loss. He is paid to score game winning goals and to find the net when the Leafs really need him. Is he doing that?

You won’t find me wearing a Phil Kessel jersey anytime soon, but as a Toronto Maple Leaf fan I hope that Kessel scores tonight and gets out of this horrendous scoring slump. As for the posters, it's not like someone dumped them out of an airplane and scattered them across the city - yet...

Coming up next for Dirty Dangle:
  • We count all of Dion Phaneuf’s shots off the glass.
  • Darryl Boyce tells us what it’s like to pick his nose now.
  • Clarke MacArthur and Tyler Bozak gives us some Call of Duty pointers.


  1. eeek Darryl Boyce's nose is so gross

  2. loved the poster... about time Leaf fans got on Kessel

  3. Great post guys
    Keep up the great work

  4. Kessel better score tonight, if not break out the milk

  5. Wow they seriously distorted his actual height and weight. He's no more than 190lbs soaking wet...and definitely under 6ft..

  6. Kessel has been over eating the last month. The slump is really getting to him. I think he is 210 pounds now.

  7. god dammit Kessel! score for me!

  8. Me no likee Phil Kessel tradee. Fire burkee

  9. Leafs play the Bruins next in Boston. I don't see Kessel scoring then. This might go on awhile.

  10. "Darryl Boyce tells us what it’s like to pick his nose now."

  11. I wonder if Phil scores tonight in Boston.....ya I don't think

  12. Kessel 2 goals last night. He has been found:)
    Cancel the Amber Alert

  13. You'll love this video of Kessel--Funny!!


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