Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pimp My Ride: Kris Versteeg Edition

Kris Versteeg of the Toronto Maple Leafs recently had his Audi R8 vandalized. The sleek sports car that cost him $150,000 was reportedly spit on, and had messages written on it using the dust covering it. If he can afford a $150,000 car, he can probably afford a $8 dollar car wash. I wouldn't let my Audi R8 sit with dust and salt on it like Jonas Gustavsson in the pressbox. Versteeg says he plans to involve the police in the matter, but says the incident does not impact his view on the city of Toronto. As far as vandalism goes, this doesn't seem too serious, unless the messages were threatening of course.

We have some theories about what was written in the dust on Versteeg's car though:
  • WASH ME!
  • I feel sorry for Phil Kessel
  • 8==D
  • How much do you miss Chicago?
  • You rap like Vanilla Ice... Poser
  • Bozak Single?
  • Great Hands, No Finish
  • Is this a rental?
  • Stop chewing your mouthguard
  • Overpaid, wanna get laid?
  • is a great website
  • 3rd liner (signed Ron Wilson)
  • Bieber My Balls
  • Komisarek Punched Me
  • You're rich, you don't need to wear your ballcap to the side like that
  • Tell the Monster he sucks
  • The protests in Egypt scare me

There is also the possibility that someone pimped his ride with waffle rims.


  1. Bieber my balls? Not even sure what that means and sure if I even want to know haha

  2. sick waffle rims!

  3. really? he's going to the police?

  4. I'm glad you wrote about the mouthguard biting, I hate that so much

  5. Bieber My Balls
    You don't watch MTV live. Nicole is sooo hot

  6. Versteeg probably watched MTV Live

  7. MTV live for me..I guess I'm missing out haha

  8. I love the waffle tires, great pic

  9. "The protests in Egypt scare me"

    It is pretty crazy over there

  10. seriously, why was his car that dirty and dusty?

  11. Love Versteeg, soo hot:)

  12. Do you guys know much about cars? Who in their right mind would drive a $150,000 in the Winter.

  13. Nobody said anything about the car having salt on it.

  14. Versteeg, like any car guy with half a brain, stores his summer car over the winter so, of course, the car is going to accumulate a little dust.

  15. lol... nice .. "stop chewing your mouth guard"

  16. you guys stop critisizing kris versteeg he is an amazing athlete and we miss him here in chicago playing for us

  17. Flyers fans will do much worse to his car if hes not doing well... Writing on his car in dust and getting spat on is nothing to what those nuts will do!


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