Saturday, February 5, 2011

Why Girls Like to Date Hockey Players

Elisha Cuthbert loves to date hockey players
Carrie and Mike, Hilary and Mike, Willa and Mike... What is it with girls and hockey players named Mike? Regardless of their names, girls love hockey players. It could be an attraction to the great game of hockey, or some other explanation Cosmopolitan could give in an article titled "You'll Love the Way He Uses His Stick."

Here are some reasons why we think girls like to date hockey players:
  • There's a good chance he'll be in some sort of shape (depends how often he plays)
  • He plays a rough game - won't be afraid to get a little rough in bed
  • Hockey players have great hands. Enough said.
  • What sounds better - "Sorry, we can't make it, my boyfriend has a hockey game tonight" or "He's playing the new Warcraft game"
  • They know how to jersey someone and can protect you when needed
  • "Hockey players make incredible lovers. Their strong hip flexors and tight abdominal muscles make for a strong and flexible core to help maintain a rhythm that women enjoy" - Playboy Magazine
  • Hockey players are used to the cold - they will go out in any weather to get you something
  • The eyebrow scar all hockey players have from getting high sticked when they were younger, we hear girls think its hot
  • They always wear protection
  • Your Dad will like him and they'll have something to talk about
  • You need to have pretty good stamina to play hockey. Again, enough said.
  • All around the world hockey players have a reputation of being tough, that could come in handy when travelling
  • They have great shooting accuracy (no more sticky hair)
  • He knows what battles are worth fighting you for (no fighting with a lead)
  • Hockey players are just cool guys


  1. lol! I do like when they go to the store for me!

  2. I don't date hockey players because most of them

  3. haha i didn't realize those celebs all dated Mike's

  4. no more sticky hair lol .eyebrow scars are actually kinda hot...great stamina..enough said..nice

  5. I remember her being so inicent being in such shows as "Are you afraid of the dark" and "popular mechanics". Then she was in the movie the girl next store and now shes been with two hockey players.hmmmmmmm

  6. oh Elisha...we love you

  7. Does Kyle Wellwood meet any of those reasons?

  8. Lol. Like! But I did say "eww" at least once :)

  9. Dont have to be a hockey player to be a good guy


  11. Dont play hockey got a nice girl

    1. Play hockey got a fantastic girl.

    2. I play and I have nothing

  12. forgot to mention ... money. Sadly a lot of girls who hunt down hockey players or any athlete go for money and popularity .. sad but true

  13. whoever said why is it always about sports...this is a hockey blog, go read TMZ

  14. what aboot a guy dating a hot hockey chick? is that ok? ; )

  15. We'll leave it up to a female blogger to write that one ;)

  16. "They have great shooting accuracy (no more sticky hair)"


  17. They'd want to read it because it makes you feel awesome for being a hockey player. Also, something for the lady Danglers. Thanks, boys, I certainly enjoyed it

  18. I agree that hockey players are the sexiest guys alive. I would love to date a hockey player. Preferably, Maxim Lappiere! It's not about the money for me, it's about almost that whole list up there. :) They are strong men.

    1. Are you from switzerland? Because there is a player called Maxim Lappiere..

  19. we carry big sticks and arent afraid to use them


  21. whats this bullshit about protection.....

  22. Because some girls are puck bunnies.

  23. lol... this is true... im a girl and i love hockey players.. more hockey goalies!! idk but you should do one about goalies!!! but i like hockey players because i just like THEM! its not because they are good at sex! lol its because they play hockey and i love hockey!.....

  24. Female goalies have the sweetest five-hole

  25. onketing india

    Hockey players' are lucky guys...must admit it..

  26. Always wear protection? Just went craig mctavish with my girl.

  27. it also helps if they're actually good at hockey too

  28. Women throw themselves at Pro-Athletes of every kind.

    So some actress happen to be *especially* into Hockey Players . . . so what. There are so many AMAZING women out there -- whom ARE NOT famous actors.

  29. Haha! I was laughing and nodding my head while I read this. Many great points, but I love the comment someone left here: "We carry big sticks and aren't afraid to use them!" Love it! (And so true! Mmm...)

  30. hockey players are rich, in shape, and mostly not all that bright.

    a veritable gold mine for many a woman out there.

  31. Wait a second... Hockey players are smart compared to some other sports like football.

  32. Some comments make me sick! People have no respect for themselves.

  33. Proud hockey player right here. Haven't found my girl yet but damn this article makes me laugh. I have one of those eyebrow scars as a matter of fact.

  34. this is great. my boyfriend plays hockey and we sat and read this the other night. after we finished reading it he looked at me and said "which of those do i fall under?" EVERY DAMN ONE BABE! EVERY DAMN ONE! And to the person that said most hockey players cheat, thats a sterotype. If he really loves you he won't cheat. And to the person that said most hockey players aren't the brightest, my boyfriend is top of our senior class right now. I love my hockey player(: <3

  35. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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  55. it's for their paycheck. Great shape? Not after all those injuries and post concussion systems, but that's okay as long as the money is there. Besides most of these relationships don't last, not unless they actually like the person.

  56. Lol some were gross... I just like a hockey player that can just be a nerd at times

  57. Is Jason a free man or is he still married ? does anyone know ? I should say Jason Arnott ?

  58. Is Drake berehowsky married ?

  59. Is Dustin Penner married ?

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