Saturday, March 5, 2011

Extreme Underwater Ice Hockey

We were recently introduced to the upside down world of underwater ice hockey, sorry - extreme underwater ice hockey. While underwater hockey has been around for decades, extreme underwater ice hockey is quite new. It is played under the ice of ponds or lakes in water temperatures around 2°C. A floating puck is used, and the players surface for air through a breathing hole in the ice when needed, as they don't use any breathing apparatuses.

Here's what it looks like:

As you can see from the video, it is played in Austria by freedivers and extreme sport enthusiasts. This video is from a World Cup in 07, in which Finland took home 1st place. Other nations involved were Austria, Slovakia, Germany, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Poland, and Slovenia. No word yet if Canada is training a team under the ice of the Rideau Canal.

As mentioned, players risk getting disoriented during play and may have difficulty finding the air hole. Another thing is if the players stay underwater too long without visiting the air hole, the players risk getting hit by Scott Stevens suffering a blackout and passing out. If Kyle Wellwood is looking for a new league to join, he might be a good fit for this one.

The games look really cool with the spectacular images created by the air bubbles trapped beneath the surface, but its a shame Extreme Underwater Ice Hockey has already sold out with advertising around the nets.

Here's a longer video with extra playing footage including a 2 vs 2 match, as well as video on how you can build your very own Extreme Underwater Ice Hockey Rink.

What do you think of Extreme Underwater Ice Hockey? Cool? Or Stupid?


  1. Pretty cool. Europeans had to invent a different form of hockey so that they can be better than Canada for once

  2. those guys move faster than Colton Orr

  3. Fucking scary, reminds me of the movie Sanctum.

  4. The Leafs are playing like these guys tonight

  5. kind of a stupid idea, even if i could hold my breath that long and stand the cold, i dont think i would have fun

  6. Maybe they only played one season and for whatever reason - school, hockey necklaces family or work obligations if they're older players - and they're selling their hockey skates. These skates probably don't have a whole lot of wear on them yet and you can get them a lot cheaper than forking out the money right away on a brand new pair of skates.


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