Friday, March 11, 2011

Flashback Friday

Bad Trade Review: Alexei Zhitnik for Braydon Coburn
Atlanta thought they got Zhitnik, instead they got Shitnik
During the 2006-07 Season the Atlanta Thrashers won their division and were the third seed in the Eastern Conference playoffs that year. At the trade deadline the Thrashers decided to add a veteran player in order to help them in the playoffs.

The Thrashers traded former 2003 first round pick Braydon Coburn (No. 8 overall) to the Philadelphia Flyers for veteran defenceman Alexei Zhitnik.

At first the deal looked pretty good for the Thrashers with Zhitnik putting up 14 points in 18 games to end the season, and helped Atlanta win the Southeast division.

Unfortunately, the sixth seed New York Rangers handled the Thrashers easily, sweeping them in four quick games. Zhitnik didn't record a point. The Thrashers had traded away their future and reaped little in the way of playoff success.

Zhitnik played one more season for Atlanta producing eight points in 65 games before buying him out of the final year off his contract. After the Thrashers released Zhitnik he went back home and was captain of the Moscow Dynamo in the KHL before the team folded after the 2009-2010 season. At the age of 38 Zhitnik is currently a free agent, or unofficially retired.

Braydon Coburn is still only 26 years old and is on a first place Flyers team. The 6"5 hoss has been a rock in his own zone and has shown he can put up points as well. His best year so far was in the 2007-08 season when he scored 9 goals and had 36 points. His offensive stats have dropped off with Chris Pronger logging all those power-play minutes, but he is still a force on the Flyers blueline.

It was a great deal for the Flyers, and another Shitnik move by the Thrashers.


  1. The Trashers will never been good when all there young players want to leave once they hit UFA. Heatley, Hossa, Kovachulk.

  2. This trade looked a lot worse when Coburn looked as though he could be a top pairing defenceman. He fits better in a 3-4 role. Regardless, terrible trade.

    Like the idea of revisiting old trades for Flashback Fridays.

  3. I remember thinking what the hell was Atlanta doing trading for an aging dman and giving up such a promising rook

  4. I love reading about deals like this. Makes me feel better about being a leaf fan.

  5. Shitnik used to be very solid... just got old I guess

  6. I like Coburn, but agree with Nick, he's better behind top guys

  7. I forgot all about that brutal deal.


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