Thursday, March 10, 2011

Is Nikita Filatov A Bust Already?

                                                       "His hot Mom can't help him score"

I can remember watching the 2008 NHL Entry Draft with my brothers, and back then the draft was actually exciting for us because the Toronto Maple Leafs actually had their own early 1st rounder. I will admit that I was really hoping the Leafs would grab Nikita Filatov and when the Leafs announced Luke Schenn's name I might have dropped some f-bombs.

Filatov was taken right after Schenn, by the Columbus Blue Jackets with the 6th overall pick. But now the young, talented Russian is threatening to become the biggest disappointment in Blue Jackets history.

During his draft year, it was thought he would make the transition to North America seamlessly and be a top player in the league in no time. Instead, he struggled under Blue Jackets coach Ken Hitchcock, and spent most of his first professional year in the AHL with the Syracuse Crunch. He did manage to score a promising 4 goals in 8 games with the big club that year however - showing some promise for the next season.

His 2nd year with the Blue Jackets was an even bigger disaster with the defensively minded Hitchcock playing Filatov on the checking line for the start of the year. After 13 games and only 2 points, the unhappy Filatov requested to play the rest of the year for CSKA Moscow in the KHL.

At the beginning of the 2010-11 season, it seemed like Filatov would get a fresh start with the club, with new head coach Scott Arniel taking over for Ken Hitchcock. But after starting the season with the Blue Jackets and only putting up 7 assists and no goals in 23 games he was sent back down to the AHL. His 15 points in 26 games with the Springfield Falcons down on the farm isn't anything to get excited about either.

Will Filatov become another disappointing Columbus high draft pick like Rostislav Klesla, Gilbert Brule and Nikolai Zherdev?

Filatov has to become a much better two-way player and get a lot stronger to become a useful NHL player. He has been a huge disappointment for the Blue Jackets and their fans, who were counting on having Nikita Filatov's offense in the lineup by now. If hockey doesn't work out for him he could always try acting. He looks a lot like that actress Amanda Bynes. I could see them doing some Disney movie together, about two twins that play in the NHL and save hockey in the south.


  1. In answer to the original question: not a fucking chance!

    It seems hockey fans have arrived at a level in which if a first rounder doesn't make the NHL in two to three years following his draft, he's a bust or a goner.

    FIlatov was drafted in a stellar draft that still has a number of excellent players who have yet to make the NHL on a regular basis: Boedker, Hodgson, Teubert, Colborne, Gardiner, Pickard, etc.

    [Oddly enough Colbourne and Gardiner were drafted back to back and now both play for the Leafs.]

    The only title that Filatov has currently is the highest drafted player yet to make the NHL (again, on a regular basis). He may dart for the KHL and the money, he may turn out to be a bust, or he might be an annual 30- to 40-goal scorer; time will time.

    Careers do not end at the age of 20.

  2. Two more points: (1) I'll take Klesla on my team any day of the week and (2) Filatov really does have a striking resemblance to Amanda Bynes--weird.

  3. I wouldn't say he is a bust just yet. But CBJ can't be that happy they way he has been playing in the AHL. I wouldn't be shocked if he goes to the KHL next year.

  4. He is too young to tell, but I think his confidence has been erased by Ken Hitchcock

  5. and I'd tap his Mom for sure.

  6. I am just so glad the Leafs drafted Schenn and not that wimpy russian.

  7. Maybe with a fresh start with a new team he could resurrect his career much like Al Montoya is currently doing.

  8. any player can resurrect their career... montoya is good example

  9. shes a babe... MILF


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