Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Recovery

After an eventful Saturday of hockey, and probably heavy drinking, its time to relax and recover on the action across the country. Catch up on any hockey news and highlights you may have missed while trying to get that blonde's phone number last night.
"Sorry Dad, I was out late last night"
With the regular season winding down, every Saturday will feature pivotal games for those teams battling for the remaining playoff seeds. With 4th to 11th in the West separated by 6 points, and 7th to 11th in the East separated by 7 points - there will be plenty of fireworks in the upcoming weeks. Last night featured some big wins by the Hawks and Sabres, as well as dramatic comebacks by the Coyotes and Stars as they compete to play in late April. The Sharks loss to the Stars was highlighted by Jason Demers accidentally punching a linesman in the face - not too sure who he was trying to punch there. Here's your headlines from across Canada.

Toronto Maple Leafs
Hawks show the Leafs how it's done

Montreal Canadiens
Habs beat the Bolts for 4th straight win

Ottawa Senators
Lehner wants to be the number one guy...soon

Calgary Flames
Flames will be leaning on their Hoss the rest of the way

Edmonton Oilers
Oilers roll over the Avalanche

Vancouver Canucks
Canucks pick up another 2 points to extend league lead

Comment of the Week
Chris said...

               "Boom.... Bust.... my prediction is Blake becomes the Echo"

Very witty. Blake appears to be following in his great grandfather and grandfather's footsteps as he now has 2 goals since being called up, including a game winner in Vancouver.

Highlight of the Night
John Tavares matched his rookie season goal total yesterday with his 24th goal on a dirty dangle of the St. Louis Blues defence. Tavares also assisted for 55 points this season, surpassing his rookie point total of 54 through 63 games this season.


  1. I still wish the Leafs got JT...

  2. Demers punch wasn't even close to a player! he should get suspended

  3. Lehner sounds like an absolute psychopath in that interview.

  4. How many more years until Tavares is a UFA?

  5. He'll qualify as a UFA after playing seven seasons (will occur before he's 27 so that's null). Thus, JT will become a UFA in 2016, at the earliest.

    Don't get too excited as Tavares would surely have to turn down an enormous contract or two if he was to be an unrestricted free agent so early in his career.

  6. Thanks Nick...

    I can't imagine a guy like Tavares wanting to stay on Long Island if they're always losing... time will tell!


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