Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday Recovery

After an eventful Saturday of hockey, and probably heavy drinking, its time to relax and recover on the action across the country. Catch up on any hockey news and highlights you may have missed while trying to get that blonde's phone number last night.
I'm number two-two!

There are 4 more Saturday's of NHL regular season hockey left and hopefully they are all exciting as yesterdays was. With playoff races in full swing, Saturday's are one the better days to scoreboard watch with most teams in action. With every game a must win, teams can't look back at lost points they could have had, and just having to keep plugging away. One of the most important things fans have to remember in these playoff races is that shootouts no longer count towards the win total for playoff tiebreakers. Expect this to be discussed as every sports show and blogger breaks down the final 10 games of each team's season over the new few weeks. Here are your headlines from across Canada.

Toronto Maple Leafs

Montreal Canadiens

Ottawa Senators

Calgary Flames

Edmonton Oilers

Vancouver Canucks

Comment of the Week
Anonymous said....

"It's nice you guys did a post for international womens day. too bad the ad beside the post is advertising russian mail-order brides."

Highlight of the Night


  1. that was a dirty dangle by Datsyuk

  2. diiiiiiiiiiiirty dangle

  3. Why haven't there been any posts for the last two days? Has Dirty Dangle gone away for March break?

  4. I bet they are just drinking and playing video games


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