Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What 86 Games In Suspensions Looks Like

This might have to be a record for most suspensions handed out after one game. In Game Six of the 1st round of the Manitoba Junior Hockey League Playoffs, this horrifying hit occurred with just three seconds remaining in the game that would see the Swan Valley Stampeders eliminated from competition. Wait until the 10 second mark and you see Stampeders forward Jesse Enns come flying in to hit Portage Terriers defenceman Tyler Harland from behind.

The coaches fighting after the buzzer did not make the situation any better, with Stampeders assistant coach, Dallas Anderson, exchanging punches with Terriers goalie coach, Jim Tkachyk, on the Terriers’ bench. Several bombs were thrown on the bench before the two were separated and the teams told to go their dressing rooms.

The end result - 40 games for Enns, 22 games and $1,500 fine each for Anderson and Tkachyk, and Stampeders head coach Dwayne Kirkup was suspended 2 games and fined $1,000 for not having proper control of his players on the beach, or his assistant coach evidently. The only good news out of this mess is that Tyler Harland left the ice under his own power after being attended to by medical staff.

The suspension to Enns reminds us of Michael Liambas. We hope Enns has a tough time finding playing time anywhere the rest of his career for that dirty hit.


  1. hope he's banned for life. so dangerous and stupid

  2. That was so dirty, how many full strides did he

  3. Wow that was a very hard hit. I think he sprinted from centre. I remember Tobias took a full rink's lenth run at a Norweigan player in tournament at St.Mikes Arena. clean hit though.

  4. he should never play hockey again.

  5. I think his career is over... what is the junior eligibility... 20 right?

  6. That guys will be playing in beer leagues the rest of his life, until he gets kicked out of that.


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