Friday, April 15, 2011

Flashback Friday

With the Stanley Cup Playoffs in full swing, we are going to flashback on some of the greatest playoff moments. The Playoffs are great for creating those special moments where a goal, a pass or dangle become frozen in time and a recurring memory for hockey fans
We're going to start our playoff flashbacks with a dirty dangle. It occurred during the 1991 playoffs when Mario Lemieux scored one of the most famous goals in NHL history.

Bob Cole says it best:

"Look at Lemieux! Oh my goodness! What a goal! What a move! Lemieux... ohhhhhh baby!

Receiving the puck at the Penguins blue line, Lemieux skates solo into the North Stars zone facing two defencemen and the goalie by himself. The left defenceman, Neil Wilkinson, leaves Mario for his partner to handle as he makes sure an approaching Larry Murphy is covered. This leaves Shawn Chambers left to be embarrassed by Super Mario as Lemieux skirts the puck through his legs, skates around him while Chambers falls to the ice. Alone with the North Stars goalie, Jon Casey, who tries to surprise Mario with a pokecheck, Lemieux switches the puck to his backhand side and slides the puck around Casey before crashing into the net himself. The goal has been featured as one of the NHL's History Will Be Made commercials and can also be seen in the intro for Hockey Night in Canada on CBC.

The Penguins would go on to win the Stanley Cup and Lemieux would score 16 goals, 28 assists for the 44 points in one playoff - which ranks 2nd all time to Wayne Gretzky.

Here's to more dirty dangles in these playoffs.


  1. Poor Chambers. He just straight up fell over.

  2. Awesome goal
    It's funny how badly some players skated back then.

  3. Yeaa i agree, with my skating I think I would of made the NHL until we played New Jersey and Scott Stevens caught me with my head down to end my career.

  4. Can't believe that the Stars rolled over so fast in that series after bumping off Chicago!

  5. I always wonder why so many goalies poke check. It seems like it rarely works and if you miss it's a forsure goal.

  6. Mario always drew the poke check from goalies by opening up his blade to fake high glove. But of course, if he actually went high glove, that was a goal too.


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