Friday, April 29, 2011

Flashback Friday

With the Stanley Cup Playoffs in full swing, we are going to flashback on some of the greatest playoff moments. The Playoffs are great for creating those special moments where a goal, a pass or dangle become frozen in time and a recurring memory for hockey fans
After watching the Pittsburgh Penguins get knocked out in game 7 against the Tampa Bay Lightning the Twitterverse was on fire with Penguins fans sobbing over the loss and pointing out that if the team had Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin in the line up, the score would have been different.

Yes having Crosby and Malkin - two of the top players in the league in the lineup would have helped the Pens a lot - but from our stand point it just seemed like they didn’t get any timely big saves from Marc Andre Fleury (.899 SV% in the series) and that he was outdueled by 41 year old, Dwayne Roloson. With the Pittsburgh goaltending letting the team down, that brings us to this great flashback.
Sudden Death is a classic Jean-Claude Van Damme movie that came out in 1995. Van Damme plays a Canadian born firefighter living in Pittsburgh who is removed from active duty and ends up handling the fire security at the Igloo. The movie takes place during Game Seven of the Stanley Cup Finals, and if that isn't dramatic enough, there is a terrorist plot. Van Damme discovers the plot and attempts to foil it through beating up the Pens mascot, Iceburgh - as well as dressing up as a Penguins goalie to make the above save. He eventually fights to get kicked out of the game and proceeds to kick more ass in the dressing room while wearing goalie pads. All of this saves the US Vice President and the arena from blowing up. This movie may be the reason Barack Obama has not attended a hockey game at the Verizon Center.

Van Damme is 50 now, but we still think he would make a great goalie and could have helped the Pens this year.


  1. I hated those old penguins jerseys! I know if Roenick was on that breakaway instead of Tony Amonte that would have been as good as in!

  2. Roenick would have done his NHL 94 move and just deke one way and shoot far post

  3. I am going to have to find this movie and see that.
    I wonder if it made the NHL look like a mickey mouse league having a scene like that.

  4. Haha
    Amazing love the clip and the two pad stack save.

  5. Van Damme was a god back in those days. I use to watch all his movies with my buddy and then practice his moves.

  6. I never like Tony Amonte. But was a huge Steve Larmer fan.
    Cool clip, I will have to try and find this movie online.

  7. Tony Amonte shoots left. Not
    I use to hate it when video games would mess that up.


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