Saturday, April 23, 2011

How To Handle a Quadruple Header

We have no idea how this NHL Connect 4 game would work.
It is not too often that hockey fans are treated to nationally televised quadruple headers to watch. Normally you could catch a triple header on a holiday, or at least on a Saturday, but four games back-to-back-to-back-to-back? Thanks to the marvelous scheduling by the NHL, this is what we have to deal with today:
Only during the playoffs... A day like this may be overwhelming for some, so we have some tips on how to handle it.

Get A Good Night's Sleep
It's important that you sleep in until at least the pregame show as you want to make sure you do not doze off at all during the games or the short gaps between them. Since today is Saturday, there is a good chance you were out last night so make sure you set your alarm so you don't miss a single play of the Pens/Lightning.  

If you're hungover, make sure you have plenty of water or Gatorade. Either pick this up at the 24 hour convenience store coming home from the bar, or get it before the first puck drop. Not hungover? Hit the beer store and stock up for a full day of games. Don't drink? Get a 2 litre of your favourite pop and put it on ice.

Stock up on snacks to get you through the day, but try and mix it up for every game. Chips, popcorn, nachos are all staples, but you could also BBQ or order some pizza to add some excitement for your stomach. If you're hungover - Go Grease. Fast food will soak up that alcohol and have you on your way to grabbing another beer in no time.

We're not doctors, but sitting on a couch and eating junkfood for half the day can't be good for you. We recommend going for a walk to grab a bite to eat or grab some fresh air during the small break before the 7:00pm Boston/Montreal game (unless NYR/WAS goes to OT again). If you have something close to you, make an intermission run. Got some free weights? Do some curls for every shot taken. Got a treadmill or exercise bike? Watch while running/riding to burn those calories you're going to be putting on like Kyle Wellwood on a broken foot.

Choose Your Company Wisely
Day's like today are a hockey fans wet dream. There will be many who won't understand watching playoff hockey all day - so don't watch games with them. If you have a spouse who doesn't share the same passion for hockey as you, it would be best to get them out of the house or choose an away viewing venue. 13+ hours of hockey watching could result in some serious nagging - avoid it at all costs.

Change of Scenery
With four games to watch you can also have multiple venues for viewing. Your place, your friend with a big screen HDTV's house, the pub or you might be going to an actual game. It's always good to experience games at different places and with different people so don't be afraid to switch it up. It is highly recommended you watch the late games at a local drinking establishment to support the local economy.

Be Prepared
With three elimination games today, there could be some tears if your team is getting knocked out of the playoffs. People handle their emotions differently so prepare yourself best for this. If you're a cryer, buy some tissue. If you get angry, buy some cheap furniture you can break or a Gary Bettman Punching Bag.

Celebrate Appropriately
If your team happens to close out the series today, make sure you celebrate with integrity. Enjoy the moment no doubt, as you don't know how far your team will take you through the playoffs, but don't be an idiot. Don't hit the Twitterverse like a douchebag, or go to the streets to riot. Don't pop champagne, but do pop some beer bottles - responsibly of course.


  1. I guess I should get some sleep!

  2. oh boy, going to be a great day

  3. My Pens are making me drink early...very early

  4. I stopped watching that Tampa Bay blowout to watch the U18 Tourney.... better hockey from the youth than the pros today

  5. This should have been posted a while ago.. could have prevented Chara's absence due to dehydration.

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