Thursday, April 28, 2011

Vancouver Canucks Have Gleeks On Their Side

Unfortunately, most of the Glee cast survived the Orca attack
Born in Calgary, raised in British Columbia, Glee star Cory Monteith is a Vancouver Canucks fan. This is great news for Canucks fans as their fan base just gained millions of teenage girls looking to buy Vancouver Canucks jerseys with Finn on the back. Fans may also benefit from his singing talent with the off chance he makes a Vancouver playoff song instead of having a shitty cover of Cee-Lo Green. Recently he appeared on NHL Live to discuss his passion for hockey. He discusses watching Game Seven, but we question his diehard allegiance to the Nucks' when he says he was walking around with friends at midnight when he tried to find a bar to watch the game. Here's the interview below:


  1. I won't be cheering for the Canucks now because of this:)

  2. The BlackFish are Glee! All the way to the Cup baby!

  3. oh god. he doesn't seem to know much... I also liked how when he said he remembered their 94 run they showed highlights of their 82 run and they just made fun of their jerseys

  4. Bobby lou
    Thanks for the shutout last night

  5. I don't even know what Glee is.
    A kids show on YTV?

  6. This guy is a fake fan. He doesn't know anything.
    My mother watches it can't be any good.


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