Saturday, May 7, 2011

Chicks Dig the Long Ball

"FOREEEEEEE Straight Losses"
With more NHLers heading to the cottages and links as their teams get eliminated from the Stanley Cup Finals, we remember this hilarious video from Cabbie on the Street about NHLers and their Long Ball. Hockey and Golf are pretty much the only two seasons to a hockey player, with the latter hoping to be put on hold for as long possible. Here's Cabbie talking to some NHLers on the links about their long ball, as well as ways to integrate girls into the hockey arena.



  1. Sweeps are no fun.
    Glad the Red Wings have been battling back against the Sharks

  2. Red Wings are going to take the Sharks to 7 games
    Go Wings

  3. some hot girls on that golf course

  4. Great video
    So many hotties on the links

    I need to get rich

  5. OV sucks
    0 points in 5 games at the


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