Friday, May 20, 2011

Flashback Friday - No Quiet Room For Kariya

With the Stanley Cup Playoffs in full swing, we are going to flashback on some of the greatest playoff moments. The Playoffs are great for creating those special moments where a goal, a pass or dangle become frozen in time and a recurring memory for hockey fans to look back on
Off The Floor! On The Board!
Back in 2003 there wasn't a quiet room for players to go to after taking a hard hit. Even now, it seems that if it's a big game, players don't go immediately to the quiet room for the mandatory 15 minutes to be evaluated by doctors.

During Game 6 of the 2003 Stanley Cup Finals with the Mighty Ducks trying to tie up the series and force a game 7 against the New Jersey Devils, a dramatic incident took place. Anaheim was up 3-1 and things were looking good to send the series to a Game Seven, when at 6:26 of the 2nd period, Paul Kariya was laid out by the grim reaper, Scott Stevens. He lay motionless on the ice for some time, and most will remember the close up of his face when he wakes up and fogs up his visor. Kariya was helped off the ice and spent some time in the dressing room. Everyone thought he was done from the game and probably out until at least next season.

But... Kariya would return just 11 minutes later and score with a clapper over Martin Brodeur's glove to give the Mighty Ducks a 4-1 lead and help the team win the game 5-2. The Ducks would lose Game 7 to the trap-playing Devils, but Kariya's emotional goal after taking such a huge hit remains one of the greatest playoff moments we've ever seen.

Injuries have slowed Kariya down of late and he sat out the entire 2010-11 season with post-concussion syndrome. If he does decide to call it a career he would finish with 989 point in 989 games - it's a shame he might never get to 1000 games.


  1. Looks like 80% of those hits are all on the same spot on the ice....I think if I played against him I would have avoided that area!

  2. If I played against Stevens the first time he went to hit me he would get an elbow in the face. I will take the 5 minute penalty to show him he wont be laying me out. I play dirty:)

  3. I wonder if Kariya will come back next year?

  4. @jenna haze and then he would wait and wait until he caught you with your head down and you would end up like lindros, or kozlov or kayria.

  5. I use to love Kariya. Hope he comes back but after taking a year off. I bet he calls it quits

  6. Off The Floor! On The Board!

    Best time ever


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