Friday, May 27, 2011

Flashback Friday: Take It Easy Doug Weight

At the age of 40, Doug Weight retired yesterday from playing hockey and will now work for the New York Islanders as an Assistant Coach and Special Assistant to the General Manager. If having Garth Snow as the GM wasn't a joke already to the struggling organization, now they also have a GM assistant with zero management experience. While his duties as Assisant Coach are clear, there are some questions about what his role as Assistant to the General Manager is - maybe Dwight Schrute knows? Our guess is that he will be responsible for giving Garth Snow daily updates on Rick DiPietro's injury status. Regardless of Weight's future, his past career is worth a flashback.

Doug Weight was a slick playmaking centre who collected a lot of apples throughout his playing career. In 1238 games he finished with 1033 points - 755 of them being helpers. His career year was during the 1995-96 season when he scored 25 goals and finished with 104 points. Throw in the 95 PIMs he earned that season and you have a great Yahoo! fantasy season.

I will always remember Doug Weight for this goal he scored (can't believe there's not an actual clip of this dirty dangle, but an NHL 99 intro will do). I used to always try the move with my brothers when we would play roller hockey.



  1. Anytime you can do a post and can toss Dwight Schrute's name into a post you get my respect:)

  2. It's a shame the Oilers were broke and couldn't keep him. I remember him not wanting to be traded.

  3. Glad he eventually got his cup win in '06! A hard working player who really put together a great and solid career.

  4. Weight was a classy guy and loved in Edmonton. He also had John Tavares live with him and his family his rookie year. The NHL needs more guys like Dougie Weight.

  5. No post on the weekend
    You boys are slacking:)

    I need something to read at work


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