Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hockey Fan Passion Reveals Itself This Week

The other Sedin twins made an appearance at this Canucks game
The passion of hockey fans really showed this week. Partying in the streets after a championship win, showing your boobies to a player in the penalty box and unknowingly being caught on national television, and celebrating the rumour of an NHL team returning to your city. Lets take a closer look at these 3 events over the past week.

Finland celebrates Gold at the World Championships
A great win by Finland was followed by an awesome party by the Finnish people. They filled the streets and fountains after Finland's dominant 5-1 win over Sweden at the World Championships last Sunday. Here is a full gallery of their party, as well as some Finnish boob flashing. It wasn't only the fans who partied hard... check out Finland's goalie coach and former Atlanta Thrashers goalie, Pasi Nurminen, absolutely plastered being helped down the stairs only to take a tumble and hit his head off the trophy...possibly denting it.

Those weren't the only chesticles we would see this week, as a Vancouver fan would flash Ben Eager in the penalty box on Wednesday night. Thanks to PVR, the act was caught on rewinds and frozen in time for the world to see... Getty Images also snapped a nice photo to give the friendly fan a face.
This would explain Ben Eager's penalty parade throughout the game. Twitter blew up over the boobs (no pun intended), but Houses of Hockey reminded us that this wasn't the first time boobs have made an appearance in the NHL. Many are wondering if the Green Men have met their match, but the ball is now in their court... and I'm sure they'll have a good reply.

And finally... Winnipeg reportedly gets an NHL team!
The news broke Thursday night from Globe and Mail's Stephen Brunt that the Atlanta Thrashers would be moving to Winnipeg with an announcement being made Tuesday by the NHL. Winnipeggers could not wait until Tuesday so they took to Portage and Main in the Peg and partied into the night to celebrate the rumour. While many NHL sources have shot down the rumour, we're sure the people of Winnipeg had a great time Thursday night.


  1. Really happy Finland won, they deserved it. Always good to have other countries competing every tournament

  2. and the Finnish girl's boobs are better!

  3. So stoked for the Peg to have a hockey team again. Going to be fun watching them on HNIC

  4. I am a big fan of twins when they are pierced.

  5. I heard that girl who flashed got fired from her job.
    Anyone else hear that?

  6. Come on Sharks.
    Big game tonight, CANUCKS SUCK

  7. To the last comment

    Sorry the Sharks are golfing and my Canucks are playing in the finals:)

  8. That blonde did lose her job I heard. She was sitting in her bosses seats.

  9. she can always work at a vancouver strip club... lots of tips

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